iOS 6 A5/A6 Jailbreak – Let’s work together to get it done

By : Mario Dabek posted on December 30, 2012

Update 01/03/2013 - Due to the concerns posted by Musclenerd and ion1c , we have to stop the contest, as it will actually hurt and delay the current JB progress. :( We will do our food drive this Saturday and post the pictures as always. Thanks everyone who chipped in we raised a total of  $385 which will help buy a lot of food for the local shelter.

Last post of the Year guys, so I’m going to make this one count.

The last 6 months in the jailbreak community has just become stale. With the number of cool jailbreak apps being created decreasing, and the hopes of the A5/A6 iOS 6 jailbreak fading away, it’s time to do something.

Since the release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, we have yet to see a jailbreak. Currently the iPhone 5, 4S, iPod Touch 5G, iPad Mini, iPad 2, 3 and iPad 4 are all without a jailbreak for iOS 6, tethered or untethered, and this sucks !

So what is missing to finish of the iOS 6 A5/A6 jailbreak ?

A BOOTROM(Hardware Based) Exploit or USERLAND Exploit (OS Based)

I myself am not a iOS Developer. I’ve played with Ruby, C, PHP, jQuery etc, but have not played on the iOS platform. So me finding an exploit will be pretty much impossible. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything to push this process in the right direction.

I remember attending WWJC this fall in San Francisco and hearing something very specific from Pod2g in his presentation. Someone asked how we the community can help with the development of the JB. And pod2g said that we need more people involved and more people working on it.  Not just any people, but someone who is on the same level, and can comprehend their team and what a BOOTROM/USERLAND exploit actually is.

The problem with this is, nobody knows that THEY ARE LOOKING FOR OTHER MINDS, besides hearing it at WWJC and perhaps in a tweet, I’ve never heard another advertisement about this.

So this is where we can help.

I am bringing the community together to get a team effort going on this A5/A6 Exploit, as I’m sick and tired of my iPhone without a JB, as I’m missing half of my features.

I did a poll with the community about if they are willing to support the cause, and the response was overwhelming.

So here is how you can help.

I’ve setup a chipin module in the top right hand side of every page on my website and below this about the A5/A6 BOOTROM/USERLAND EXPLOIT CONTEST.

Here everyone can pitch in a buck or two to the grand prize.

I know there are over 10 million jailbroken devices out there, so getting a prize together should not be a problem. If 1/10th of the users donate $1 each, we should have a million dollar prize. If the money is there, the incentive is there. More money = more exposure = more people who will try to crack the code. Pretty simple.

I have faith in the Dev teams and their tools, this is not an issue, but they need help finding the BOOTROM/USERLAND exploit, and the process is stalling. Cydia App developers are taking a hit, as are users who purchased tweaks previously are unable to use any of them on their current devices.

We need to do something.

To Win the Grand Prize ( ALL $$$ in chipin )

- your exploit must be verified by @pod2G and implemented into one of the Jailbreak Software Packages ( Redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, greenpois0n, etc ), which every comes first A5 or A6 exploit, will get the whole prize.

notes :

here is where you can all chat and submit your exploit information 6667 (or SSL 6697) #greenpois0n

here are some key members to talk to

posixninja »!/p0sixninja
pod2g »!/pod2g
nikias »!/pimskeks
westbaer »!/westbaer
semaphore »!/notcom
jan0 »!/0naj
DHowett »!/DHowett
|bile| »!/nitoTV
AriX »!/AriX

Lets work together and keep the JB community Alive, without it I would probably not own the Apple devices I own today. And I’m sure quite a few of you are in the same boat. All the money will be tracked through the chipin widget, please use it to make your donation on your desktops. If you are donating using an iOS device use the premade paypal buttons above, and they will be added to the chipin total.

I will run this until we get an exploit or 12 months runs up. At that point we will donate all the funds to the JBM Food Drive, like the one we did last week for Xmas. If at 12 month we don’t see a jailbreak for A5 or A6, I can assure you the jailbreak community will be dead. We don’t even have a working iOS 6 iPhone 4S jailbreak, and this is not even the current iPhone. 12 Months from now we’ll already be in possession of the iPhone 5S with testing already under way for the iPhone 6. Who’s going to use a jailbroken iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1 as their daily device when the iPhone 5, 5S are out on iOS 7 and iPhone 6 is on the way with iOS 8, not me. And probably not you.

So you can see why this is really important.

Thanks Everyone, and Happy New Year from the JBM Team

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