Springtomize 2: The Best Tweak For Customizing Your iOS Device

By : Maya Martinez posted on February 10, 2013
Springtomize 2
Price : $$2.99
Installer : Cydia Store

If you are looking to customize your iOS device with customizations to make it to your personal liking, then Springtomize 2 is definitely an app/tweak that you have to check out. It is the best customization tool out on Cydia and can pretty much do everything that you would like for a customization tool to do. With all the different categories taken care of you shouldn’t have to go through Cydia to find to many other apps to help get your device to where you want it. Springtomize 2 is worth purchasing and will save you money in the long run.

Here is what Springtomize 2 can do for you to help you theme your device:

Screenshot of Springtomize menu


In this category you can modify the animations to your liking.

  • Animations –You can change them to go faster or slower.
  • Slow Motion Mode – This enables your phone UI to move really slow.
  • Vertical Animation – When switching between apps and going through your phone, instead of the images moving horizontally to fade away they move vertically (Up and down)
  • Lock animation – When locking your phone, you get the old school tv shut off image like in Android. You can add the sound and change the color to any color that you prefer.
  • Screenshot flash – You can set the color of the flash that happens on your screen when you take a screenshot.


  • In this category, you are able to turn on functions of your device that are normally hidden by Apple so that you could be able to use them normally.


In this category you can customize the dock to your liking. My favorite thing about this one is that it has the same abilities as infinidock but is about the same price.

  • Hide Dock – hides the dock image
  • Hide Labels – hides the names of your apps on dock
  • Hide Reflection – hides the reflection of the icons on your dock
  • Hide Shadow – hides the shadow of icons text
  • Use Custom Number – allows for you to set a custom number of apps on your dock
  • Enable Cover Flow Effect – allows for you to get a cover flow affect on the dock


This category allows you to modify your Lockscreen.

  • Enable Notification Center
  • Display seconds
  • Display as “Always Charging”
  • Display Wallpaper always even when charging
  • Disable Camera Button
  • Hide the status bar at the top of screen
  • Disable artwork when music is playing
  • Delay Dimming
  • Hide the Slider Knob
  • Customize your slide to unlock text


This category allows you to edit your icons on your device.

  • Hide Labels – hides labels of your apps
  • Lock Moving – locks your icons from being able to move
  • Disable Jittering – stops the gif of your icons jiggling when you hold down to delete
  • Disable Uninstalling- stops you from being able to delete apps off of your phone
  • Use Custom Number – allows for you to place more apps on a line on your screen
  • 5 Rows – allows for you to have 5 rows of icons on your screen (mostly for older version of iPhone and iPod)
  • Resizing – allows for you to change the size of your icons on the homescreen, dock and the switcher.
  • Hide Icons – allows for you to hide icons that you don’t want on your screens
  • Badges – disable badges, 2 tap clear badge and set it for only certain apps


This category allows you to modify how your folders work.

  • Folders Closebox – folders will now have a close button
  • Hide Preview – the image for the folder icon will no longer show what is in the folder
  • Disable Animation – will disable the opening and closing animation for your folders
  • Hide Background – will hide the folder background
  • Hide Labels – will hide the labels of your folders
  • Disable Badges – will disable badges from being viewed on folders
  • Auto Close – folders will close automatically after opening an app
  • Create in Dock – allows for you to create folders on your dock
  • Use Custom Number – allows for you to be able to add more apps per line in your folder view

App Switcher

This category allows you to modify how your app switcher works.

  • Landscape Switcher – allows your app switcher to open in landscape mode (for iPhones and iPods)
  • Start editing.
  • Disable Paging – disables you from scrolling through your open apps and keeps you on first page
  • Start with iPod – allows for you to open the switcher and be presented with the music control instead of apps.
  • Disable Badges – disables badges in your app switcher
  • Brightness Slider – allows for you to have a brightness slider in your app switcher
  • Custom Icons Number – allows for you to have a custom number of apps displayed at once
  • Inactive Apps Handling – choose what to do with apps that have closed out from memory lapse

Time Machine

Here you can backup all of the hardwork you have done to get everything to your liking.

  • Backup Options – icon state, wallpaper, and Springtomize settings
  • Restore Options – icon state wallpaper, Springtomize settings, on-the-fly reload
  • Automatic Backup – while this option is enabled, Springtomize will automatically perform a backup, once a day

Status Bar

In this category you can change the appearance of your status bar.

  • Use Custom Carrier – you can set the carrier area to say anything you wish it to say.
  • Use Custom Time – you can set the time to a variety of things such as RAM, WiFi, date, etc. or you can set a string to display
  • Hide Status Bar Items – allows for you to disable or enable certain icons from appearing in your status bar.


This category allows for you to customize the paging options on your device.

  • Hide Dots – allows for you to hide dots on the pages
  • Remove Page Limits – allows for you to have an unlimited amount of pages
  • Disable Spotlight – allows for you to turn off the spotlight feature from your device
  • Disable Paging – disables you from going from page to page


In this category you can apply different customizations that might require you to bring towards the app.

  • Dock – if you have a custom dock it will be applied here
  • Battery – if you have a custom battery image it will be applied here
  • Icon Labels – you can apply a custom font, size of font and change the color
  • Icons – change opacity and image effect (such as greyscale or sepia)
  • Wallpaper – add image effect (such as greyscale or sepia)
  • Lockscreen – change the clock color

Notification Center

In this category you can modify the Notification Center to your liking.

  • Disable – disables the Notification Center from working.
  • Custom Background – if you have a custom background it would be applied here
  • Instant Clear – allows you to clear all notifications at once
  • Custom Lines – allows for you to set the number of lines that you want


With this tweak you can do everything that you need to do. It is by far the most useful tweak to download when you first jailbreak your device and think about theming. It will save you money in the long run if you were to try and find all the premium features that were on Cydia and purchase them separately. It is worth the $2.99 and definitely will make you theming experience that much easier.

JBM Rating: 10/10

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