100 Reasons to Jailbreak
your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & Apple TV [2012]
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Article Date : April 1, 2012

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Full 100+ Articles and Videos below

New year, 'new iPad' and probably a 'new iPhone' on the way later this year.

With the addition of the new iOS 5 notification center and iPhone 4S' Siri, we've seen a ton of new tweaks flow out of Cydia's rear end in the last few months. Have you been keeping track of them ? Probably not. Why ? Maybe because there's a new App or Theme everyday. Many of which are completely useless, however, when you know what to look for, it's a whole different story.

There is a reason there is an estimated 10+ Million jailbroken devices around the world.

I've jailbroken many Devices in my day, weather its and iPad or iPhone, I always have a friend stopping by to get their device jailbroken. But what's the first thing they ask after I jailbreak their device ? You guessed it, what are some cool Apps that I can install ?

This although fun, gets annoying after time. Just like when everyone used to ask me if they could jailbreak their device. My answer to that was simple, create the Jailbreak Matrix Chart and point them in that direction, and you know what?, it worked out pretty great :)

Good enough to be stolen by major sites like ModMyI :|

So for my new problem at hand I will again, create a new unique solution for all those who ask, "what are some cool jailbreak Apps ?"

I don't know if you've Googled "Top jailbreak apps", "Top Cydia Apps", "Best Cydia Apps", "Coolest Cydia Apps", etc lately but I have, when I was trying to come up with my solution.

And here is my conclusion:

All the current top Jailbreak Apps lists & videos out there are total SHIT !

Why ? Because it seems like the same list has made its way around the whole damn internet and every tech blog is posting the same shit.

Just because you change the order of the Apps, or the picture doesn't make it a different list !

Also, including Apps that are incompatible with current firmware or current devices is just going to piss of all the readers, so why post useless crap ?


So here it is, I'm going to make a "top jailbreak apps" list, and I'm going to do it the right way.

My list

  • will include not 5, 10 or even 25, but 100 Cydia Apps that are ALL currently available for download
  • all reviews are actually done by US !
  • all the video demos are also done by US !
  • Apps demonstrated clearly in HD Videos !
  • all Apps are tested on iOS 5+ and tested on the iPhone 4S & iPad 2 !
  • is 100% genuine NOT COPIED !
  • will include a summary video demonstrating 100 Apps in under 4 minutes
  • will include our helper aka @jailbreakGirl because sexy is cool too :)

Are you ready ? Lets begin.

Zepher (Full Review & Video Demo)
This is my favourite tweak. It removes the need of the home button when you are doing any multitasking. You can see this tweak in action in all my videos below. I don't use the home button anymore :)
Barrel (Full Review & Video Demo)
Barrel makes your iPhone SpringBoard appear as if it is part of a 3D cube when you slide between pages. The thought of this tweak may be pretty simple but it looks amazing once you have installed.
FaceBreak (Full Review & Video Demo)
No this app does not break your face :P FaceBreak lifts the FaceTime calling restrictions put in place by Apple of only calling over Wifi. With this tweak you can make FaceTime calls over 3G, like it should be.
AirBlue (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you ever needed to share a file over Bluetooth between iOS devices, now you can. AirBlue is a quick simple and fast way to transfer files between iOS devices using your Bluetooth singal.
TruPrint (Full Review & Video Demo)
TruPrint is a Jailbreak App that expands AirPrint capabilities to the majority of printers.The Chances are your printer that didn’t work with AirPrint before will now work just fine thanks to this awesome tweak.
Double At (Full Review & Video Demo)
The basics of the Double At tweaks, is that you setup you email address in your settings app (once you have downloaded the tweak) and then, just “Double Tap” the @ button on your keyboard, and your email address will magically appear.
KillBackground (Full Review & Video Demo)
Another key feature that's missing from all the iOS devices is the ability to close all Apps at once. KillBackground brings that feature, with just one click, KillBackground closes all currently open Apps, which not only saves your battery but also speeds up your device.
iGotYa (Full Review & Video Demo)
iGotYa works with your iOS passcode system. After setup, if your passcode is tampered with, it will automatically snap a picture of the person who is trying to use or steal it and sends the picture along with the GPS location to your designated email address !
iBlacklist (Full Review & Video Demo)
iBlacklist adds a nice new features which if you ask me should be included with the iPhone. iBlacklist function is to block calls or SMS from any numbers you have configured in your "Blacklist".
AdBlocker (Full Review & Video Demo)
Adblocker, is an easy to use and powerful tool, similar to extensions for your desktop browser. It blocks image based ads in Safari and other apps which are using browser-like views (UIWebViews)
IconRenamer (Full Review & Video Demo)
Icon Renamer is a really cool tweak that is available on ndia, that basically allows you to rename your icons on your springboard!
MultiIconMover (Full Review & Video Demo)
MultiIconMover does exacly what it says. This tweak allows you to move multiple iOS App Icons on your springboard at the same time.
GridLock (Full Review & Video Demo)
This powerful tweak allows you to arrange your icons anywhere on your Springboard, don't be trapped in side by side icon layout anymore.
SpyPhoto (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you ever wanted to take photos quietly without causing a distraction, now you have a way. Spyphoto allows the user to take pictures silently, without flash and all while using other apps.
Cyntact (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you want to spice up your contact list, download Cyntact. Cyntact adds the missing iOS ability to see photos in your contact list.
AnyAttach (Full Review & Video Demo)
AnyAttach is a tweak that enables you to attach arbitrary files to your emails right from inside MobileMail. It comes with a file and photo/video picker that is accessible via the paper clip button that will be added to the subject bar in the mail compose window.
Winterboard (Full Review & Video Demo)
WinterBoard is one of the most popular jailbreak apps that allows you to download custom themes from Cydia, that can be applied to change the look and feel of your iOS device.
DreamBoard (Full Review & Video Demo)
Dreamboard can help you make your iPhone look and feel like another OS while still retaining the things you love. I promise you won’t be called a traitor !
SMSmileys (Full Review & Video Demo)
SMSmileys is a FREE tweak available from the BigBoss repo in Cydia that let’s you convert text emotions straight into emoji symbols!!
Animate + Bootlogo (Full Review & Video Demo)
Change your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch bootlogo with Animate. There are litterly 100s of bootlogos to choose from, including the playboy bunny, Andriod logo, etc...
UnlockFX (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you want to add some cool unlock FX to your iPhone, then this is the App for you. There are quite a few presets setup, so the users have plenty to pick from.
Infinite Tweek (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you're like me, and you spend alot of time on twitter then this tweak is for you. Infinite Tweet adds the ability to pass that damn 140 character limit, and blab as long as you want.
WeeTrackData (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you're like me, you probobly use alot of data on your iPhone. WeeTrackData can help you manage your usage by adding a Data Usage Widget into your Notification Center. This way you can always check your usage nice and quick.
WeeSpaces (Full Review & Video Demo)
WeeSpaces for Notification Center allows you to multitask directly from your iOS 5 notification center. In other words, WeeSpaces puts links to all your running apps and Springboard pages so you can multitask through them from the notification center.
WeeSearch Pro (Full Review & Video Demo)
WeeSearch Pro is one of my fav tweaks out there. WeeSearch Pro adds a search widget to your notification center, which will allow you to search Google, YouTube and Wikipedia very quickly.
Color Keyboard (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you ever wanted to change the way your iOS keyboard looks and feels, now you can. Color Keyboard has multiple preconfigured designs to choose from, to add a little extra style.
BytaFont (Full Review & Video Demo)
BytaFont adds the ability to choose you own default iOS font for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. So if you get bored and want to try a different font, BytaFont is the way to go.
iSounds (Full Review & Video Demo)
iSounds tweak allows you to add custom sound effects or sound themes to your iDevice. Using this tweak you can apply custom sound effects and iSound themes to the entire iOS interface.
LockScreenClockHide (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you want to get rid of the clock on your homescreen, you can do so with LockScreenClockHide, east & free.
LockSeconds (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you ever wanted to Seconds to your lockscreen clock, now you can. Cydia tweak is called LockSeconds is 100% free.
Slidemyname (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you want to personalize your 'slide to unlock' text, you can do so with the SlideMyName cydia tweak.
AppStat (Full Review & Video Demo)
App Stat is a FREE Jailbreak app that does just that. It logs the amount of times you’ve launched your apps and how long you’ve used every app on your iDevice, pretty cool hey?
PlayAwake (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you are bored like me with the standard iPhone alarms, then PlayAwake is for you. PlayAwake allows you to choose any Song/Audio from your Music library and use it as the wake up alarm.
CleverPin (Full Review & Video Demo)
CleverPin allows your iDevice to ask for passcode, intelligently. You can choose to automatically disable then PassCode while your connected to your home network, listening to music or even charging your battery.
Calendar Pro (Full Review & Video Demo)
CalendarPro seamlessly integrates into your Calendar to provide you with the option to set a ring profile for a particular event, create new ring profiles, or set up rules to apply styles for matching events or times. Also add the Calendar to Notification Center.
NoteMe (Full Review & Video Demo)
NoteMe is cool addition to your notification center. This Cydia tweak adds a simple notepad to your notification screen where you can make quick notes.
AnyLockApp (Full Review & Video Demo)
Replace your iOS 5+ CameraApp shortcut on the lockscreen with a shortcut to any App that you want.
NoLockScreen (Full Review & Video Demo)
Tired of swiping to unlock everytime you pickup your device ? “NoLockScreen” bypasses the lock screen for you. When you hit the home or power button, NoLockScreen takes you right to your home screen
AndriodLock XT (Full Review & Video Demo)
Ever wanted to change Apple's default slide to unlock screen. Now you can, AndriodLock XT brings the famous Andriod pattern unlock to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
RecognizeMe (Full Review & Video Demo)
RecognizeMe is another cool feature stolen from the Android platform. RecognizeMe allows you to unlock your device using your front facing camera to perform facial recognition unlock.
Infinidock (Full Review & Video Demo)
InfiniDock provides the ability to dump as many Apps into your iOS dock that you want. You can then scroll back and forth between all the Apps in your iOS dock.
IconBounce (Full Review & Video Demo)
IconBounce adds some fun into your iDevice’s homescreen dock by bringing your icons to life. Instead of having a boring still dock icons, they now randomly flip and spin.
Poof (Full Review & Video Demo)
Poof allows you to hide and unhide apps on your springboard! Pretty Simple.
SiriLaunch (Full Review & Video Demo)
Another quickway to pull up access to Siri is through the iOS Notification Center. SiriLaunch adds a small icon to your Notification Center, which allows the user to pull up Siri nice and quick.
AppsCenter (Full Review & Video Demo)
AppsCenter brings multitasking right to your Notification screen. Now you can launch any App nice and quick right from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Notification screen.
WeeRoll (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you like the Barrel tweak for your springboard, then you are sure to love WeeRoll. WeeRoll is basically like adding Barrel animations to your notification center.
SBrotator (Full Review & Video Demo)
You can now rotate your homescreen(Springboard) on your iPhone and iPod just like an iPad with this SBrotator Tweak.
Display Recorder (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you ever wanted to record your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen, now you can. Display Recorder is a simple app that allows users to record everything thats showing on their iOS device's screen.
Cascade (Full Review & Video Demo)
Cascade adds cool coverflow effects to your docked apps. Give it a try, its Free.
AnyVoice (Full Review & Video Demo)
AnyVoice brings to you 30 different accents you can have for Siri. Not 5 not 10 but, YES 30 ! Best of all, it works and sounds brilliant.
Hands-Free Control (Full Review & Video Demo)
Then Hands-Free Control, adds new activation keywords which can be used to start Siri, meaning you don't have to press the home button, just say the keyword.
DismissSiri (Full Review & Video Demo)
DismissSiri allows you to dismiss Siri vocally, with three words to choose from in its settings.
Gridtab (Full Review & Video Demo)
GridTab For Safari gives you a sleek and cool grid view of all your tabs, which makes it much easier to navigate and view your webpages.
Switcher Sense (Full Review & Video Demo)
Switcher Sense brings a different approach to multitasking. It uses a notification type inspired system to display all your current running iOS apps.
MultiFlow (Full Review & Video Demo)
MultiFlow multitasking has now its been updated and brings a WebOS-like “Cards” interface to iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad multitasking system.
BlurriedNCBackgroundis (Full Review & Video Demo)
BlurriedNCBackground is and sleek sexy tweak that basically blurs your Notification Centre background.
Mirror Widget (Full Review & Video Demo)
The Mirror Widget tweak adds a Mirror to your notification center, so if you like looking at yourself, or checking your makeup, this is probobly your favorite tweak. :)
PerPageHTML+ (Full Review & Video Demo)
PerPageHTML allows you to have dynamic, interactive backgrounds on every page. Add HTML based widgets, animated backgrounds or even a full Theme to any page.
FireBreak (Full Review & Video Demo)
Firebreak is another cool tweak that was developed a couple of months ago when the 4S arrive. FireBreak will add the missing panoramic camera feature to any unsupported iPhone or iPod.
zToggle (Full Review & Video Demo)
zToggle is a free jailbreak app which lets you easily enable and disable multitasking and background wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
RetinaPad (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you are tired waiting for an iPad version of your favorite App, then you could give RetinaPad a try. RetinaPad allows your iPhone Apps to render in iPad resolution, removing any distortion or pixelation problems.
Safari UniBar (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you’ve used Google Chrome before, you would know that google-ing things is as easy as eating pie. Just type what ever you want to search for straight into the URL bar. Well now we can have this feature in the iPhone Safari as well.
AutoCorrection Bar (Full Review & Video Demo)
This simple but very effective tweak doesn't need that much of a introduction, as it simple does what it Says.
iSwipe (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you ever wanted to try the Andriod Swype keyboard input feature, now you can. iSwipe brings this cool Andriod feature to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
3G Unrescrtictor (Full Review & Video Demo)
3G Unrestrictor tricks any apps into thinking they are connected to Wifi. Great example is if you want to watch HD Youtube on the go. 3G Unrestrictor allows the youtube App to load HD Video over 3G.
MultiTunes (Full Review & Video Demo)
Syncing with 1 music library just plain sucks. Now with MultiTunes, you can sync your device to multiple iTunes libraries at any time.
PwnTunes (Full Review & Video Demo)
PwnTunes finally creates an easy way to load your iPod, iPad or iPhone with music. Without iTunes ! With PwnTunes your iDevice simply shows up like a USB drive where you can then just drag and drop the files to, including Music :)
Iconoclasm (Full Review & Video Demo)
Are you running out of space with the default 4 x 4 layout on your springboard ? Iconoclasm turns that 4 x 4 springboard into a 5 x 5 Icon springboard :)
Camera Wallpaper (Full Review & Video Demo)
BigBoss have released a tweak that allows you to use the device’s camera as your very own wallpaper :) You can now “See-Thru” your springboard ! Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.
ChangeCarrier (Full Review & Video Demo)
ChangeCarrier allows the user not only to rename their Carrier but also replace the default clock with additional text of your choice.
Lingual (Full Review & Video Demo)
Lingual is a Siri or Spire extension that translates words for you straight onto your iDevice, whats even more better is that it is completely FREE
SiriNBA (Full Review & Video Demo)
The tweak is simple and effective, and will certainly be appreciated by NBA fans. Just ask Siri anything relating to the NBA – such as past or current scores or game schedules – and you’ll receive an answer from Siri straight away.
SiriLoveLyrics (Full Review & Video Demo)
SiriLoveLyrics is a great addition to iPhone's Siri. This tweak allows Siri to go fetch the lyrics to any song that's currently playing on your device.
iMame (Full Review & Video Demo)
iMame is one of the best emulators for the iPhone or iPad. It brings back the fun of playing nintendo games. iMame also supports pairing with Nintendo Wii Controllers.
Springtomize (Full Review & Video Demo)
Springtomize is the swiss-army knife of tweaks. It allows customization of everything from the lock screen effects to modifying the Apps in your iOS dock.
Anicons (Full Review & Video Demo)
Anicons brings all your favorite SBSettings toggles to your iOS springboard, in the form of Icons on the homescreen. Turn of your Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth with a click of just one button.
XBMC (Full Review & Video Demo)
XBMC also known as Xbox Media Center, is a amazing multimedia app that you have to try for your iOS device. This app has soo many multimedia features, I can't list them all here.
VoiceUtils (Full Review & Video Demo)
VoiceUtils adds cool new Siri commands to your iPhone 4S, you can now tell Siri to Respring, Reboot, Power Off and even Enter Safe Mode.
SpeakEvents (Full Review & Video Demo)
SpeakEvents is another great tweak that can help you when you hands are full. The SpeakEvents App will read aloud any notifcations that you have coming in, SMS, Emails, Tweets, etc.
Sara (Full Review & Video Demo)
Sara, a Siri-like personal assistant has been created by Vietnam-based iOS developers for people who don’t own an iPhone4s. So if you would like to find if the personal assistant is right for you without buying a 4S, now's your chance.
SBSettings (Full Review & Video Demo)
SBSettings has got to be one of the number one jailbreak tools out there. Adding quick access toggles to BlueTooth, Wifi, 3G, Brightness and so many more, all accessible from anywhere on your iOS device.
iTransmission (Full Review & Video Demo)
iTransmission is currently the only way that i've found to download torrents directly on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Although still in Alpha, this App can still perform if you are in desperate need to download that torrent.
ProTube HD (Full Review & Video Demo)
Who doesn't love browsing the magical Tube on their iPad. One thing that sucks about the stock YouTube App is again missing features that we all want. A key feature is downloading videos, and ProTube HD brings you that missing feature.
iFile (Full Review & Video Demo)
iFile is the ultimate file browser your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. iFile allows full access to the whole file system, so if you need to change any files or permissions etc, this is the way to do it. It also includes a webserver option to share files over Wifi.
Intelliscreen X (Full Review & Video Demo)
Intelliscreen is one of the best known jailbreak apps out there. It rebuilds the notification center in a way that you can scan through twitter, Facebook, email, rss all with a few flicks.
Wifi Booster (Full Review & Video Demo)
Wifi Booster does exaclly what the name says. If your wireless connection is dropping in certain parts of your house or office, this tweak can definetelly help.
Five Icon Dock (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you would like to add a 5th Icon into your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch dock now you can, with Five Icon Dock, best of all it's 100% free.
ScreenDimmer (Full Review & Video Demo)
Us jailbreakers always suffer from battery drain, because we're always playing on our devices :) ScreenDimmer is another tweak that can help out with that problem. Allowing custom Dimming that go far beyond the stock options.
FastClear (Full Review & Video Demo)
FastClear is a new Cydia tweak that lets you clear all the notifications in the Notification Center with just one tap. You hit clear and all the notifications disappear at once.
iKnowIt (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you've started watching a movie at 20-30% battery life, you know how annoying it is, when you start getting one battery alarm after another. 20%, 10%, 5% etc. iKnowIt eliminates that headache. With iKnowIt you'll only get one low battery notification, not 5 :P
SIManager (Full Review & Video Demo)
Another missing feature from the iPhone is the ability to copy your contacts back to your sim card. Well now you can do that too with this cool Cydia App called SIManager.
OpenSSH (Full Review & Video Demo)
If you prefer to access your iDevice's file system remotely, you can do that as well. OpenSSH adds SSH access to any jailbroken iDevice, weather it's an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
iSHSHit (Full Review & Video Demo)
We all know how important it is to save the SHSH signatures for your device, to allow future upgrades. Well now with iSHSHit, you can save them right on your iDevice and email it for safe keeping.
xBackup (Full Review & Video Demo)
It's always a pain to reinstall all your jailbreak apps and tweaks after updating or restoring your device. xBackup can make that task alot quicker. xBackup allows you to backup and restore all your Cydia Packages :)
Attacher (Full Review & Video Demo)
Still under development but very promising ! Attacher uses iMessage to share files and music between iOS devices.
WeatherIcon (Full Review & Video Demo)
Update you stock boring weather Icon with this cool Cydia tweak. WeatherIcon displays the current conditions and temperature right on your springboard.
IconRotator (Full Review & Video Demo)
IconRotator is another cool tweak which will allow your Springboard to rotate with your device. Your Icons, statusbar and Springboard will follow your device's orientation.
QuickSiri (Full Review & Video Demo)
Speed up Siri with QuickSiri. Along with making Siri Launch in fullscreen mode, this tweak is also known to imporove the overall performance of your Personal Assistant.
Resupported 4+. (Full Review & Video Demo)
Resupported 4+ is a safe and cheap alternative to paying the high price for Apple's VideoOut Cables. It enables video out through many unsupported AV cables, which are mostly around $5
CommandSpot (Full Review & Video Demo)
CommandSpot adds a number of commands that can be now initialized using your iOS spotlight. From launching your wifi settings to rebooting your device, CommandSpot has about 10 shortcuts that can all be access via the Spotlight
FolderLock (Full Review & Video Demo)
Want to keep those nosey fuckers out of your iOS folders? You can now protect them with a password!
CamFast (Full Review & Video Demo)
CamFast is the fastest way to launch an iOS camera hands down.
SwitchLand (Full Review & Video Demo)
SwitcherLand finally adds the ability to rotate the multitasking bar on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
PhotoEnchancer (Full Review & Video Demo)
This app although in beta stages, still allows you to hide any photos or albums on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
MusicBanners (Full Review & Video Demo)
MusicBanners throws out notification every time a new track is played from your playlist. This is great when listening to a shuffled list and you want to know what who the artist is.

That's it, I hope you all enjoyed my "100 Reasons to Jailbreak" 2012 Edition, i would like to give special thanks to @iJ0rd8n & @JailbreakGirl, this was a collaborated effort that took 56 days to produce.

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We hope to all see you at the World Wide Jailbreak Conference this summer in San Francisco, California.

Of course none of this would be possible if it wasn't for for dedicated jailbreak developers who bring us the jailbreak tools we all use today.

We thank you : @P0sixNinja, @chronic, @chpwn, @iH8sn0w, @comex, @pod2g, @MuscleNerd, @planetbeing, @i0n1c and of course the godfather of Cydia @Saurik