Redsn0w + evasi0n = untethered 6.1.1 jailbreak :)

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 7, 2013


Ok I’m just going to add the video for now and brief instructions as i’ve been testing this all day.

This is tested on my iPod Touch 4G, and should work on all A4 devices.

Basically its messy,

  • install 6.1.1 beta
  • jailbreak using redsn0w 15b3 pointing at the iOS 6.0 firmware
  • boot tethered
  • install openssh
  • ssh in and modify your plist file so cydia will think you are on 6.1 not 6.1.1 otherwise the evasi0n untether wont install
  • reboot again tethered
  • install untethered
  • have a beer :)


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