How to jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 on your iPhone / iPad / iPod

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 21, 2013

Apple has released iOS 6.1.2 to the public in the last few days, and it seems like the exploits used in evasi0n still work !

The @evad3rs have released an updated version 1.4 of evasi0n to make it iOS 6.1.2 compatible.

The tutorials is almost identical as our last one but lets go over it one more time.

Supported Devices

- iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5
- iPad 2/3/4/mini
- iPod Touch 4G/5G

Supported iOS

- iOS 6.0
- iOS 6.0.2
- iOS 6.1
- iOS 6.1.1
- iOS 6.1.2

Step 1 : First thing we have to do is make sure your devices is on iOS 6.1.2. This has to be done using iTunes and not Over-the-Air, as recommended by @planetbeing. So grab the firmware from here, and update to 6.1.2 using iTunes.

* if you have a passcode on your device, make sure you disable it for now

Step 2 : Download the evasi0n tool from the top of this page, and then extract it to you desktop, and start it up

Step 3 : Plug in your device, then hit the jailbreak button in the tool

Step 4 : Your device now getting jailbroken. Wait ! be patient and away for evasi0n to proceed to the next step.

* your device will reboot a couple of times before you get the next step from evasi0n

Step 5 : Only when the evasi0n tool tells you to, swipe to unlock your device. You will now see a jailbreak app, open this only once, it will minimize right as you open it (that’s normal)

* you will now see the evasi0n tool proceed and finish off the jailbreak process

Now give it about 5 more minutes, until you see the evasi0n tool tell you that it’s completed the process.

You are now jailbroken :)

You can also watch our previous video from the last version of evasi0n down below if you need to.


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