Full Untethered Jailbreak for Apple TV 2G (5.1.1)

By : Mario Dabek posted on May 25, 2012
Version : 5.1.1
Firmware required : Yes

How to jailbreak the Apple TV2 on the latest 5.0.1 firmware.

The guys over at FireCore have released an updated version of their Seasonpass jailbreak software.
This latest update, includes UNTETHERED jailbreak support for the current 5.0.1 iOS version that’s running on the Apple TV 2G.

Ok so lets get started.

Requirements :

- This jailbreak works with both Windows and OS X so download the correct version from the top right corner of this page.
- You will also need the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer.
- You will also need a micro USB cable

I’ll assume  you have the two things above downloaded to your desktop and the micro USB cable,  now we can proceed.

1. Close iTunes, and launch SeasonPass.
2. Select the Create IPSW button

3. At this point Seasonpass will connect to online and download the latest IPSW to create the custom firmware.

4. Next you will be prompted to connect your AppleTV, only connect the USB cable, not the power cable
5. Using the supplied silver remote control, press the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE button together for seven seconds until the small light on the front of the Apple TV flashes rapidly.

6. iTunes should recognize the device and automatically open and start the restore process using the custom firmware created

Now your AppleTV is jailbroken !

Which plugins are currently supported on 5.0.1?

  • Couch Surfer (works)
  • Last.fm (works)
  • Maintenance (works)
  • Media Player (works)
  • NitoTV (works)
  • Plex (works)
  • RSS Feeds (works)
  • Rowmote (works)
  • Weather (works)
  • XBMC (works)
  • Overflow (not working)
  • Remote HD (not working)

Enjoy the new jailbreak Tweaks.

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