Jailbreak your iOS 6.X – 6.1 + 6.1.1 using evasi0n [ VIDEO ]

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 4, 2013

Update 4 : evasi0n 1.4 released with support for iOS 6.1.2, download here.

Update 3 : All links fixed

Update 2 : @pod2g : If you have problems with Cydia sources, it’s ok, it’s just that they are under heavy load at the moment. Try again later.

Update 1 : @pod2g : If the device is stuck displaying “patching kernel”, you can press Power+Home for a long time to force a reboot.

The time has finally come, the evasi0n jailbreak is upon us.

The evasi0n v1.0 jailbreak has been created by the recently formed team known as the @evad3rs. Lead by hacker @pod2g, the members include, @planetbeing, @pimskeks,and @musclenerd, the evad3rs created what seems to be the most anticipated jailbreak software to be released since the days I’ve joined the jailbreak scene, back in 2009.

This new jailbreak software goes by the name #evasi0n, and will brings everyone back into the jailbreak scene. The evasi0n jailbreak will also enable users with devices such as the iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch 5G, to enter the jailbreak game for the first time.

The evasi0n jailbreak software run on the Windows, Linux and Mac OS and supports the following devices on iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, & iOS 6.1

- iPhone 3GS
- iPhone 4
- iPhone 4S
- iPhone 5

- iPad Mini
- iPad 4
- iPad 3
- iPad 2

- iPod Touch 5G
- iPod Touch 4G

We’re going to keep adding different attachments to this article, to make sure we cover every device and platform, so keep checking back regularly.

First we’ll start with the most popular combination, the iPhone 5 + Windows PC.


Let’s get to it :

1. Make sure you are running the supported version os iOS, goto setting > general > about on your device to confirm, then plugin it in to your compupter

2.If you are on iOS 6.x download the evasi0n software from the links above

3. If your device has a passcode on it, make sure you disable it

4. Hit Jailbreak



5. Wait, wait till you see the progress bar on the PC stop, it will ask you to hit the jailbreak button on your device

6. When evasi0n asks you to, swipe your device to open it, and click the ‘jailbreak’ button ONLY once

7. Wait wait wait,  during step 6 you will see your device reboot a number of times. Don’t worry this is normal. Be patient, wait till evasi0n injects all the patches and says that it’s ‘Done’ , when complete you should see the Cydia icon on your springboard. When loading Cydia for the first time, it will initalize the file system which will also cause another one or 2 resprings, don’t panic this again is normal. When Cydia finally updates and intializes, you are ready for some apps :)

Congratulations on jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


Video Uploading …

Now that you are jailbroken, the possibilities are endless.

First I suggest you check out our ‘100 Reasons to Jailbreak‘ video to get a quick demo of top the Cydia tweaks available for your device. Then can check out the our jailbreak App section so see the latest top cydia apps.

If at any point you run into any problems, we want to hear about it !

Make sure any questions you have get asked in our new jailbreak ‘Question’ portal.

We are uploading videos and they will be attached as soon as YouTube makes them public.


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