The Buzz around iPhone & iPad Customizing

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on November 12, 2012

Nowadays the popularity of people getting the latest iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is very immense. With staggering numbers coming from Apple it’s no surprise that iOS devices are clearly ahead of the competition.

So, what’s the latest craze for these enthusiastic iPhone & iPad Users you ask ? Customizing !!!

Did you know, you can pretty much change anything and everything on your iPhone, iPod or iPad ? Including, full front & back color changes, home button color changes, headphone jack colors and so much more ! That’s right, you name the part and you pretty much have an option to change it to any color that you desire.

With many companies around the world providing people with their very own custom designs, we decided to give it a try, and see what all the fuss is about.

I sent my iPhone 4 to 2 well known modders (@MrDeanSG & @MrRadcliffe88 ) located in the UK and told them : “Do what you wish and amaze me !”
Sure enough in a quick 48hr turnaround my new modified iPhone was back in my hand.

They hooked me up with a Rose Gold & Black design. Looks amazing right?!

Although there are many companies worldwide providing similar serivce, it all comes to how your finished product looks in the end. I can honestly say that the finish and quality taken with my iPhone is 110% spot on. You can certainly distinguish a company with quality or one who’s just in it to make a quick buck. And these two guys certainly enjoy and take pride in what they do.
So you wanna see pics?

Here we go……

Here is a nice shot from the top, displaying the wonderful color

As you can see, the finish is unbelievable! It looks like something out of this world !

Some people claim that the craftsmanship these types of companies provide is very poor, resulting in such thing things as the home button sinking or the bezel not matching up perfectly. Not in this case, like I mentioned before, the work carried out was from these 2 professionals is superb. But I guess that comes with the years of experience these individuals have.

Check out this picture below….tell us that it doesn’t look like a slab of gold! ;-p

To sum my whole experience up: “It was one of the most exciting times that I’ve waited for a iPhone to be delivered.”

The suspense was killing me, I had no idea what was coming, I couldn’t wait to open the box. But when I did, I saw this amazing modded iPhone glowing at me, one word came to mind, MindBlowing”

Our service with @MrDeanSG & @MrRadcliffe88 was 100% professional and a absolute pleasure. So definitely give these two guys a quick follow on twitter. And if your in the UK get them to hook you up.

There is one thing we would like to mention also, and that is that changing your design/Cover on any iDevice does void your warranty. So please bare that in mind.


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