iPhone 5 Dock & LED charge cable now Available, but not from Apple ;)

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on November 12, 2012

A few weeks ago, well exactly 4 weeks, we stumbled upon a video circling the worldwide web of a iPhone 5 charger that illuminates while charging and syncing with your Mac and also it comes with a dock!

We thought to ourselves, let’s investigate this, as this sounds too good to be true.

The product is made by a website called; www.iPhone5mod.com , and is named the “iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock” , The website also claims this will work on the 5th Generation iPod! You can also follow the seller on Twitter @iPhone5mod

You can get this product in 2 configurations, the LED Luminating lead or the iPhone 5 Dock, or like us, we decided to go the whole way and get both, as you know we only go the full way! ;-p

As we know, the iPhone 5 dock is still not available via the official Apple store, so getting this ahead of Apple was awesome. Mind you, we did have to wait 3 weeks for delivery.

As for the cost of these 2 awesome products, we found it was pretty reasonable, with the dock and illuminating lead coming in at $33.90 and the illuminating lead coming in at $23.90, so it was a no brainer to get both and experience the full force of the awesomeness.

You can see from the pictures below, it has a lead that is 80cm long, the dock comes as a upright charging station and also what else is cool, is that it has a channel behind the charging plug for the iPhone 5 that lets you put it in landscape mode so you can get the full advantage of the iPhone5’s bigger screen.

Another nice touch with the shipping of the iPhone 5 Flash Lightning Dock is that you have 2 options when it comes to shipping :

1) Speedpost (5-7 days)
2) Registered Airmail (7-20 days)

When you receive the item , the product claims on that it’s for use for Mac only, well we have tested on Windows and also it works without any problems.

We pre-ordered ours, that’s why it took 3 weeks, as they were still in production in Hong kong, but we choose option 1 when it came to shipping as we was desperate to get hold of this badboy.

The illuminating lead is just not for show, it’s actually an intelligent power lead Electroluminescence technology that you can actually see the current flow by the LED’s going through the lead to the iPhone.  At full battery capacity the light flow stops and your device it ready, the light flow has multiple speeds depending on the battery life, so for example if your iPhone has only 20% battery life, the light flow will stream through the lead very fast!

We can’t just leave you with hanging with just snaps, that would be cruel, so here is a short clip of it in working motion.

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