iCarbons Review: MacBook Pro 15-inch (non-Retina)

By : Maya Martinez posted on December 14, 2012

The iCarbons skin for the MacBook Pro 15-inch is pretty awesome. The feel of the material and the way it looks adds great personalization to your machine while making it less vulnerable to scratches. I received my skins quickly in under a week from iCarbons, and on first inspection I couldn’t be more pleased.

The feel of quality when first touching the product makes you wonder why you hadn’t ordered it sooner.

Here is my experience with it over the course of 2 weeks of using it on my MacBook Pro.


To install the skin I referred to the install video section located on their website. Though they didn’t have a video for that exact product I was using, they had a video on the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro that showed pretty much the same installation.

The video makes the installation really simple once you learn the technique.

The first thing that I noticed when installing the skin on the top part of my MacBook is that the corners of the skin doesn’t sit flat. I tried reinstalling the skin quite a few times, but the corners didn’t seem to like the curvature of the corners on top of the lid. With the protection that the skin gives me I didn’t mind the skin not sitting flat in the corners, but a perfectionist might feel a little bit different.

Installation on the keyboard and touchpad was just as simple as the lid and took me no time at all. I had to realign the touchpad a few times to get it exactly centered, but it was effortlessly painless.

Don’t worry about placing the skin wrong, the adhesive that is used does not leave a residue that will make the shell disfigured once you remove the skin from the shell.

Use :

The feel of the skin while using my MacBook feels surprisingly smooth for the texture. The added fact that I won’t scratch the surface with the protection makes me feel comforted that I can use my laptop more rigorously. The trackpad is easy to use for touch gestures and clicking isn’t a problem when pushing the button down, but allowing for tap to click can be a major hassle. It works when it wants to. Sometimes it wants to register the tap other times it does nothing and I have to really pay attention to the task I was doing to make sure I wasn’t clicking more than I needed to.

Over the course of the two weeks I didn’t forget that the skin was there. It isn’t a product that you use because you want it to protect, but seem like it doesn’t exist. I am greeted with the awesome look every time that I look at my MacBook Pro. The black carbon fiber gives it a futuristic look that can’t be picked up by other products that I have.

While using my MacBook Pro I love running my finger over my trackpad and getting the textured feel from the way that the material is made.

The major thing that I love is that their are no more streaks made on the unibody case where I rest my hands to type.

The skin doesn’t get dirty as easy as the MacBook Pro’s unibody and does not clearly show marks. In my opinion that is a major plus.


I really love the iCarbons skin that I got for my MacBook Pro and I can’t believe that I have lived using it without the skin. It feels more complete now, not only personalizing the design, but making it protected from everyday living. Owning a MacBook Pro is an expensive investment and the iCarbons skin helps me insure that it will keep its pristine look. I would recommend that anybody with a MacBook of any sort to get one because it doesn’t add bulk, but gives great scratch protection that won’t interfere with your everyday use.

MacBook Pro 15" with iCarbons Skin Black

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