Cover your Apple TV with these ‘kickass’ iCarbons

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 7, 2012

Ever thought that your Apple TV could do with a spruce up? Well over at iCarbon’s, they have made some awesome Carbon Fibre Skins for your little box of awesomeness. You know that Apple themselves don’t give the Apple TV enough attention, so at least we know that iCarbons are doing it for them.

So, your probably thinking, how can i physical customize that ‘little black box’….well, iCarbons have produced some amazing skins which you can wrap them up in, just like a Christmas present, but one you keep forever under wraps.

What do you get? As you can see below, you have a complete front and back skin, remote control front and back skin and they have also put in there a option of white or black carbon fibre Apple logo and wording! nice touch!

If your worried about skinning your Apple TV or messing it up don’t be, it is so easy. With the quality of the carbon fibre skin, it fits like a glove, and even if you put it on, say your Apple TV box and think ‘Damn, that ain’t on there right’ , not a problem, simply peel the skin off and start again. :-) The reason why it is easy to peel off and on again, is that it has a 3mm comply adhesive which allows it to have a residue free removal.

Check out some of the images we have put together below on the process of the installation


Let me guess what your thinking…..              ‘I’ve gotta get iCarbons to hook me up!‘

But what color would you want ?  They have a full range of awesome colors which you can view here

Lets talk about the feel of the carbon fibre skin, what can I say apart from WOW!! It’s really hard to describe how it feels as it’s almost feels like it was meant to be on here, I personally wasn’t a huge fan of wrapping device’s, but I promise you iCarbons will change all that, I have wrapped ALL my personal Apple TV’s up in various colors, and they all look stunning. We cannot highly recommend iCarbons enough, professional, quality and simply awesome.

Because you have seen how good they look, alarm bells are ringing and your thinking that they are out of your budget….Nope! iCarbons Skins for your Apple TV are a tiny $14.95 + Shipping and knowing them, they always seem to be giving out special discounts, especially on twitter. :-) Which you can follow them here.

Who would of thought that you could make a Apple TV look sexy……iCarbons did.

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