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IPhone 3Gs Updated from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.1 Jailbreak Problem

Hi Friends, I recently tried to updated my 3Gs to iOS 6.1 from iOS 5.1.1 while preserving BB using redsnow. After restoring i hactivated by mobile with redsnow by jailbreak and i didnt find cydia icon on my home screen. so i tried to jailbreak again using evasi0n and evasi0n said its an tethered jailbreak and recommended me to use untether package available in cydia. Now i got cydia icon and evasi0n icon in home screen and both are crashing when i tried to open up. Can somebody guide me how to resolve the problem and install ultrasn0w to use my 3gs again. Thank You

Accepted Solutionhummmmm
You need to run redsn0w again. After you pick the right iOS file by selecting "IPSW Select" get back to the previous page and select "Just Boot Now"

After it's finished you can use Cydia again.

Choosing User or Hacker on Cydia?

Does it matter?

Accepted SolutionNo you still have access to same packages, apps, tweaks etc. The only difference is developer option has information about by-passing signatures etc to be able to deploy the tweaks on your device!

unlock iphone 3GS

i have iphone 3GS i0s 6.1 from jepang, Baseband 05.16.08 and
new bootroom. i just Jailbreak with evasi0n
and this iphone requires unlock that the sim card can be used in my country..

does anyone know how to allow unlocking solution.

Accepted Solution
You need to jailbreak with Redsn0w in order to unlock your iPhone 3gs. While jailbreaking you must select Install Cydia and Install iPad baseband, which will update your baseband then you can go and open Cydia and wait for it so it reload completely. Navigate to search and look for ultrasn0w which will unlock your iPhone 3gs.

Note: Do remember that while installing ultralsn0w remove the sim from sim jacket.

Let me know about it.

Should I re-Jailbreak with iOS 6.1.1 or wait for Apple to fix new bugs?

I'm pretty sure I'm experiencing some unnecessary battery drain with iOS 6.1. I was thinking of restoring, updating to 6.1.1 and jailbreaking with Evasi0n 1.3. But should I wait for Apple to fix the lock screen and Exchange bugs first? Will Evasi0n be able to jailbreak the next couple of updates?

Accepted SolutionAs far as updating...if you want to see if 6.1.1 fixes your issue I would go ahead and update and re-jailbreak. Yes Apple will release iOS to fix the lockscreen issue but it may fix the jailbreak exploits as well! So id jump on the newest jailbreak-able version possible!

Tweat/App that allows cursor to move one space

Can someone please tell me the name of the tweak or app that allows me to swipe the cursor (while texting or typing) forward or backward one space at a time without deleting text? Had it before the upgrade now I can't remember the name. Thanks!

Accepted SolutionNot sure if you are talking about SwipeSelection or SwipeShiftCaret. Both do pretty much the same thing. I prefer SwipeSelection because you just move your finger over the keyboard to move the cursor. With SwipeShiftCaret you move your finger over the typed text to move the cursor.

How do I tell what JB version Im using (evasi0n)

I keep seeing people saying to update to 1.1 How do I know what version Im using now. When I go to Cydia under packages I click on evasi0n and it says version 0.2-3. I received an update yesterday that, but I dont see version 1.1

Accepted Solution1.1 was the Windows/Mac application that was updated. If you used the initial release to jailbreak your phone, updates were placed in Cydia that you could apply directly to your device. As long as you applied the updates in Cydia, there is no need to re-jailbreak or download the 1.1 Windows/Mac version.

Should I install iSHSHit 1.1.2 in Cydia?

I seen on Cydia that the iSHSHit is verision 6.0.1. Should I install this?

Accepted SolutionOnly if your on 6.0.1 - wait for an official update from the devs

I don’t receive iMessages on my iPad along with my iPhone

When I updated to iOS6 and jailbroke, I linked my Apple ID with my phone number, both on my iPad and my iPhone. But I am only receiving iMessages on my iPhone and not on my iPad, is there a setting I'm supposed to turn on?

Accepted SolutionLog out and log back into your account on your iPad. Make sure that you select all of the accounts that you want to be able to use on your iPad that you currently use on your iPhone. It should work now. I had the same issue but this is what corrected it for me.

Thanks for choosing JBM.

Why doesn’t the same notification clear on my iPad if I already cleared it on my iPhone?

I read, a while after iOS6 was released that they added a feature where if I cleared a notification on my iPhone, it would do the same on my iPad and vice versa. That way, I wouldn't need to see the same notification twice.

Accepted SolutionI don't believe that anything like that exist. If you get notified on your iPhone and have the same account on your iPad connected to an active data network then you will have to clear both devices of the notification as the devices don't check with each other for notification checking. It would be great if that was the case, but at this time Apple has not implemented that into iOS.

Thanks for choosing JBM.

Cydia is empty

To start with Cydia was fine and then I added sources which still was ok but now every time I open cydia it loads and then fails, all sources are empty and the changes folder is empty?

Accepted SolutionMy previous post was incorrect. Delete other sources/repos to get it to work. Select a repo with a lot of apps. It is taking up the cache amount so it craps out.

A guide to get the iPhone 4s un-jailbreaked?

Hey guys, is there any method t get my Iphone 4s back to a standart position, meaning to have it not jailbreaked?

Accepted SolutionIt is very simple, just restore your iPhone via itunes! This removes the jailbreak!
REMEMBER to back it up if you dont want to lose your information on the phone. Hope this made it clear.

How can I unlock my iPhone 4s on 6.1 ?

I have this iPhone that I need to unlock but it's on 6.1... Any help please ?

Accepted SolutionAre you wanting to unlock or jailbreak your phone?
If you want to JB your phone goto
Please make sure you read full page before downloading
Its easy if you follow directions.
If you want to unlock your phone follow this url.

Good Luck,

How can I disable the passcode lock?

I have a company iphone5 and the disable passcode lock is greyed out. I have read several tweets that you must disable to JB. Any ideas?

Accepted SolutionHi. This worked for me as I too have company mail coming to my iphone 4s. (As an aside... make sure... since YOURS is a COMPANY phone... that you are allowed to JB it... my IT guys are a little um... 'frisky' about JB'ing company owned iphones. My iphone is my own phone that accesses company email).

Anyway, I simply deleted the company email account prior to backing up/restoring/etc. Consequently, the turn passcode off option went from greyed-out/inaccessible to accessible. Then; post-JB... I just added my corp email account back...

Hope this helps.

Can’t update iPhone 3GS from iOS 5.1.1 to iOS 6.1

I know this iPhone is old, but hey, Apple gave us another year of life support! The problem is that when I try to update it fails. I tried from recovery mode, DFU and normal mode... None works, I keep getting this errors: - 1601 - 1602 - 1604 - 3004 - Could not contact Apple for verification Any ideas?? I am really desperate! I got like 10 times into recovery and 3 on Pwned DFU...

Accepted SolutionSounds to me like you have the iPad baseband installed.
You need to use the latest redsn0w to downgrade your baseband back to an original version that is compatible with the ultrasn0w unlock (if you rely on it).
Then create an IPSW that does not update the new baseband and use iTunes to custom restore this IPSW.
Once this is done, you can jailbreak using evasi0n, install ultrasn0w and enjoy you unlocked and untethered iPhone!

Good luck! :)

Cydia Crash From Home Screen

When attempting to open the Cydia app from the home screen it immediately crashes? Rebooted and I get the same result. Any ideas?

Accepted SolutionPossibly do a fresh restore in iTunes and then apply jailbreak! Once complete restore your device from backup

How to fix hash summit match

I jail broke earlier today and I can download anything. Because if this error, any solutions?

Accepted SolutionThe servers are getting slammed by people trying to download apps and tweaks. You are going to have to wait and hopefully those servers come back up soon

Tethering my iPhone 5 today

My main objective is to be able to tether my iphone 5 when the JB comes out. Can someone show me the exact steps for tethering iphone 5. I used PDA Net when I had Droid X, but I think this will be a little different. Thanks, Allen.CSX

Accepted SolutionCheck back here on our tutorial and video on how to jailbreak your device. Once jailbroke it will come pre-loaded with certain repo's. Search for "TetherMe" and this will enable the personal hotspot feature on your iPhone 5. Happy Jailbreaking Day


how to back normaly my iphone

I have an iphone 3gs ios 3.1.3 and a few days ago I upgraded to ios 5.1.1 with sn0wbreeze, but at the moment I'm connect wifi for activation cydia, my iphone screen be suddenly black screen then when I do jailbreak iphone screen just goes white colored I have tried to press the sleep button and home button together there was no result I did the update from itunes but iphone same white colored screen just does not process until completion and position my iphone DFU mode please help me how to return my iphone thanks

Accepted SolutionOkay, I don't understand what you are asking but what I am picking up is that you want your iPhone 3GS back to normal from a jailbreak? Try hold the Power/Sleep button and the Home button at the same time for 30 seconds, then you can plug into your computer and restore from iTunes. Once you have don't that hold Power/Sleep and Home button down again for another 30 second then wait 5 seconds then do that again then I should turn on maybe. It's worth a shot. Good luck with your phone, best of luck.

I already updated to 6.1 OTA. After backing up my phone, which method should I use to restore? Restore backup, or Restore iPhone?

Accepted SolutionRestoring your iPhone restores the IPSW - which is step one! Restoring from backup puts your contacts, pictures, messages etc back on to your device like it was before you restored!

ipad mini wifi firmware

i think the firmware on your site ain't compatible with my ipad mini wifi. please double check. it says iPad2,6_6.1_10B141_Restore (ipad mini wifi) but not working when restoring using shift+firmware. thanks!

Accepted SolutionWe will endeavor to correct this as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can download your required firmware from this trusted source:

How do I save SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1?

I have updated my iphone 5 (GSM) to the 6.1, (I did this upgrade through my computer in iTunes like instructed) I want to be one of the ones that is able to downgrade if necessary. Can you show me step by step how to save SHSH blobs? I heard this is very important to do!!!

Accepted SolutionThe most simple way for you to save your SHSH for iOS 6.1 is to jailbreak your iPhone 5 using the evasi0n tool as soon as it is released. Then open Cydia and perform the usual updates. Whilst all this is happening, Cydia will have saved your SHSH for you as well as your AP+ticket and will store them on it's servers.

Do I have to pay a upgrade fee for Intelliscreen X?

I already bought IntelliscreenX when I had my iPhone 4S on 5.0.1 but I have heard from some users that there is an upgrade fee currently in play. What is it and do I have to pay?

Accepted SolutionCurrently yes. The Developers for that have stated they are charging once again for the update for iOS 6. There are a lot of people fighting this though and it is possible if they get enough people complaining, they could change their mind.

Have a Nice Day ^_^!

ipad 2 update

Hi my mate updated his iPad 2 to iOS 6.1 OTA will I still be able to jailbreak it for him or not . Thanks very much

Accepted SolutionWhen you update via OTA not everything on your iDevice is updated correctly. Only some different files were Transfered.
Jailbreaking should be possible either, but a clean restore is recommed.

Just save the iDevice via iTunes and press Restore. It will be perfectly updated and exactly on the same state as before. All is done in about half an hour.
Remember to check the "encrypt backup" button in iTunes, so you dont even have to type a password again ;)

Do auxo and zephyr work together?

Accepted Solutionworks like a charm...but sometimes lags if too many applications are running.

How do I beta test the new JB

I was just wondering if I might be able to beta test the new JB on my iPhone 5 so that I can test all the stuff out there.

Accepted SolutionYou can't beta test the jailbreakimg tool. Beta testing is performed by selected people in a secure environment so that crash reports don't automatically get submitted to apple. Hence it's not available for public. You can however get the full software once it's released, hopefully by tomorrow "fingers crossed"

Why does my phone have a windows logo?

I bought my phone from AT&T for $99.99 which is a great deal, but it is weird and doesn't load with Apple logo, but Windows logo. AT&T only sells Apple phones right?

Accepted SolutionAT&T sells a wide variety of phones by different manufactures! Chances are you don't have an iPhone if it has a Windows logo!

Where can I download iOS firmware from ?

Accepted SolutionWe have all the iOS download links located on the firmware portion of our site. You can access the firmware section using the top & bottom navigation, as well as through the JBM portal. Thanks

Is the 6.1 Jailbreak Out ?

Have we heard any news about the release ?

Accepted SolutionJailbreak will be coming this week, as it was announced by the @evad3rs jailbreak team.

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