How to Pair your Apple TV Remote

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 20, 2012

So you have an Apple TV and your probably never knew that you could pair a single remote to use for that specific device.

What we are trying to get at, is that if you have, say a iMac in the same area, every time you use your Apple TV remote, you will start controlling the iMac instead of the Apple TV or in some cases both.

This is something that is quiet annoying, especially if you’re working on a project while Airplaying some music at the same time. So assigning a remote to a specific device can be quite handy.

Is it worth Pairing a Remote? Well, it’s a yes and no answer really. If you only have an Apple TV in your house and no other Apple Computers, then there isn’t really much point, but if you’re like many people who have the Apple Buzz and have more than one Apple Computing device, then we would recommend pairing the remote just for satisfaction that you won’t end up turning your iMac or MBP on while you’re searching through your Apple TV.

The steps you need to do to carry out the Pairing process on your Apple TV are as follows;

  • Head into Settings > General > Remotes

  • Choose Pair Apple Remote

Once you have successfully paired your Apple TV remote the Apple TV will display a Chainlink Symbol above an icon of a remote.

Now, don’t have to worry about getting anymore interference from other device while scrolling to find a movie! ;-p

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