How to get iOS6 Photo Menu on iOS 5+

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 26, 2012

Hi Guy’s,

As we all well know, iOS6 Beta is out at the moment with some cool new features. One of the NEW features is a nice integration feature that lets you share Photos to multiple Social Networking sites and also being able to email or Print! Yes..I can probably guess what a lot of you are thinking…”Why are you talking about a feature that I cannot get on my iPhone until the release of iOS6?” …Well, that’s because YOU can!! :-)

Funny enough, the Cydia tweak called is obviously called  “iOS6 Photo Menu” …and it comes to you from the BigBoss Cydia Repository!

This is a nice little glimpse of what iOS 6 will be like for your iDevice come September, so it’s pretty cool that you can get this available now to see what you think.

The tweak replaces the standard list of options for your photos, with the all new animated interface, providing support for Twitter, Facebook, Google + (not in iOS6 revision), and much more.


This tweak is for devices on iOS5+ and compatible with iPod Touch,iPhone & iPad!! :-) So everyone is covered!!

The tweak is pretty awesome, I have to say this is one of my top 10 tweaks for 2012.  The interface is slick  but beautiful and there’s no need to mess around with settings as once installed it’s integrated directly into your iOS Photos App.  There’s no icons, no settings and no configurable options, you are ready to go! Once more this tweak is FREE!! (Which we like) So you have no reason to give this a whirl,So grab your iPhone and hit Cydia up now!

This tweak sums up what Apple has got in store for us in the future…easy,stylish,fun interfaces that make using there devices a pleasure and us consumers wanting more. I hope you head over to Cydia now and grab this brilliant tweak!



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