How to turn your Apple TV into a Karaoke Machine

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 9, 2013

So having a Jailbroken Apple TV is awesome for loads of reasons,if you want to find out these reasons, check out our article on ‘Benefit’s of Jailbreaking a Apple TVhere . But i bet you never could turn your little black box of awesomeness into your very own Karaoke machine?!

Let’s be honest, we all like a little bit of Karaoke now and then, or even when we’ve had a few to many! :-) We are going to show you how you can entertain friends with your awesome singing voice using this program rocking on your Jailbroken Apple TV.

What you need:

  • Jailbroken Apple TV (Check out our article on how to achieve this here)
  • Fusion Repo added (Check how you can do this here)


  • As in our post on adding the ‘Fusion’ Repository, you add what ever add-ons you want, but for the Karaoke plugin we need to add a certain repo called: Mikey’s1234Our article shows you how to add these so make sure you have this done 1st and enabled the programs!
  • Turn on your Apple TV and navigate to the ‘Music’ Program.



  • Once you open the ‘Music’ program up, hit ‘Music Add-on’s’



  • Now you can see all the ‘Music’ add-ons that you have enabled within certain repo’s via fusion. We want to scroll down to ‘Mikey’s Karaoke’



  • Tap on it and your screen should now look like this.



  • We want the top option, so go ahead and select it. This is where you choose your song you want to sing.You have a few options to choose from so if your after a certain artist or the most popular select the right one for you. We are going to choose ‘Most Popular’



  • We now have a screen where the all the most popular songs/Artist are, time to choose a tune!!! let’s go for   Diamonds by Rihanna.



  • All you need to do now is select the version of the Song you’ve chosen and your away.



  • Take a glug of water, deep breath! and start singing :-)







Don’t sing to load though…..your neighbors might get pissed off!! lol

You have to admit, this is a badass feature that you can enable on your Apple TV. Just think of all the fun you can have whether you have a birthday party, or take it around your friends house, you will sure be having a awesome time!

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