How to setup a custom popup message on your iPhone & iPad

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on April 10, 2013

Everyday turning on your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad brings a massive smile to your face knowing your holding probably one of the best smart devices out there in the market. (Well it does for me) :-)

Well what about having a custom message popup welcoming you back? Sound cool right?

I found a tweak in Cydia called; WelcomeMe 

What WelcomeMe gives you is the ability to set any custom message you want, so when your iPhone or iPad turns on or re-springs, you will see that message popup before your eyes.

Let’s show you folks how to get this up and running.

  • Head over to Cydia and search; WelcomeMe



  • Once found, hit the ‘Install’ button. Once installed your device will ask you to ‘Restart Springboard’, do it!



  • Now your device has re-sprung, you will immediately notice that a popup message comes up,you need to navigate over to your, scroll down the page until you find WelcomeMe and open it. It should look like this….



  • As you can see, I’ve started to enter my own personal message in the required text bars. This is where the fun starts!!! Write what ever you want, you can even use Emoji’s in the text!!! Once you have finished and are happy with the custom message your written, simply power off or re-spring your device, and now you should see the new message! :-)



Simple as that, so now every time your device is either turned on or re-sprung, you will be greeted with your special message!

WelcomeMe isn’t a new tweak, it’s been out for quiet a while. It is compatible with ALL Jailbroken iDevices and works on iOS5+ . No need to dig deep for this tweak, it’s FREE!!!!

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