How to ‘ScreenCapture’ Your Apple TV

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 18, 2012

Many Apple TV users, always wonder how people can grab a screenshot of there Jailbroken Apple TV. Well we are going to go through the motions of doing this to show you folks how easy it is to do.

First thing you will need to have is a Jailbroken Apple TV with aTVFlash installed, and ScreenCapture ‘Enabled’, click here to find out “How to Enable ScreenCapture on Apple TV

Mac users use CyberDuck and for windows users WinSCP, Also you will need either terminal for mac or Putty for window users. Once you have all of the above mentioned, you are ready to go.

  1. Make a note of your Apple TV’s IP address, then open up Terminal and type: ssh root@ (Your IP Address) – Without the brackets. As below

  1. You will need to enter a password, which will be alpine , we suggest you change this as alpine is the default password.Then will get a message pop up like it shows below – Type YES

  1. Here comes the easy part, all you need to do now is type – screencapture , this will now perform the action and take a screenshot of your Apple TV.

  1. Now you can exit the terminal/Putty by entering exit, then close down the application.

  1. You now need to open up Cyberduck, and enter in your IP address and change the file transfer to SFTP and enter: root Password: alpine – Make sure the port is set to 22.

6)Now you will see a file called: Screenshot.png, this is your screenshot of your Apple TV. If you are doing more than 1 screenshot or want to do, please repeat this process, but you wont have to exit of of the terminal/Putty but you MUST change the file name of ‘screenshot.png’ otherwise every screenshot you take it will re-write over it.

Now you can just drag and drop onto your desktop and use as you wish.

Here are a couple of our Screencaptures taken on our Apple TV’s below……Notice our custom JailbreakMatrix Logo?! ;-)

See…..we told you it was easy to do!

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