How to get Google Maps back in iOS 6

By : Mario Dabek posted on September 20, 2012

So you’ve updated to the latest iOS 6 and you look at your springboard and say, where the hell is YouTube ?

Another thing you might have noticed is that Apple has decided to pull Google Maps from it’s defaults install and give you shitty Apple maps to use instead.

Today we’ll show you how to get your Google Maps back.

This one is pretty simple, Google has yet to release an official App in the Apple App store, but what you can do is use the mobile Google Maps, which works just as good.

Browse over to in your Safari browser and that it’s. Let me show you some of the screen shots

You can see you can do directions just like the Google Maps App was able to do in 5.1.1

The Data is displayed in the same way

And the GPS will follow your directions on the map.

Next is Youtube, click here on how to get YouTube back on iOS 6.

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