How to Get Data and Picture Messages Working on iPhone Using Straight Talk

By : Shawn Godsey posted on January 20, 2013

Since April 2012 the iPhone unlocking industry has exploded. What was once impossible for most users, and a headache for others making sure not to update their baseband, iOS etc. is now as easy as sending in your IMEI and a small fee through PayPal. Within a matter of hours in most cases, your phone is unlocked, you do a restore through iTunes (or use a computer side tool like Redsn0w– see here ) and you’re ready to take your phone to a new carrier.

One of the more popular carriers people are using today in the U.S. is Straight Talk. Straight Talk service is sold through Wal-Mart and for $45 per month you get unlimited talk, text, data, and 411 calls. Great deal huh? Well yes its great you get all that for such a cheap rate, but if you just place your SIM card in the phone your Safari won’t work and neither will your picture messaging. But there is a fix and Jailbreak Matrix is about to tell you how.

Data – Safari

We will cover getting your Safari working first as it is a quick and easy.

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi Connection

Step 2. Open Safari and visit

Step 3. At the bottom choose “Create APN”

Step 4. Next screen under “Country” leave the United States and for “Carrier” choose Straight Talk.

Step 5. Tap “Create APN”, it will open up a new window and ask you to install the profile on your device. After you do this your Safari will be working!



Picture Messaging/MMS

In order to get your picture messaging working you have two options – jailbreak or not to jailbreak. For some, this may not be an option since A5/6 devices on iOS 6.X have no jailbreak available and the A4 devices are currently a tethered jailbreak. (If you are unsure, visit our Jailbreak Matrix <a href=””>here “</a>” to see what jailbreak solutions are available for your device. If there is no jailbreak solution, a SIM swap method is the only way to get your picture messaging working.

  • SIM Swap Method
  1. After ensuring your calls, texts, and data works with the profile installed close and terminate all open apps.
  2. Place T-Mobile SIM card into phone (I was able to get on at my local T-Mobile store for $10USD
  3. Go to Settings > General > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
  1. When “Data Network” appears it will take you back to “Cellular”
  2. Swap back to the Straight Talk SIM card – Wait for the NO SIM message to disappear
  3. Press “Cellular” again and the “Data Network” should still be displayed.
  4. Open it and edit the settings that are listed at the bottom of this post.
  1. Once all settings are entered, tap Cellular to exit.
  2. Restart Phone


  • Jailbreaking Method
  1. Launch Cydia on your jailbroken device
  2. Search for “TetherMe” under the Big Boss Repo – purchase for $4.99 and help support the developers
  1. After package is done installing, exit Cydia
  2. Go to Settings > TetherMe > Cellular Data Network
  3. Edit the settings as they are listed below. Exit out settings. No restart should be required


Straight Talk APN Settings

                          Cellular Data

APN: att.mvno




APN: att.mvno




MMS Proxy:

MMS Max Size: 1048576


Did you have success? Which method worked best for you? Leave your comments, feedback, or questions below!


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