How to enable ‘ScreenCapture’ on your Jailbroken Apple TV

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 18, 2012

You may have read our article on ‘How to ScreenCapture your Apple TV’ and wondering how you enable this on your Apple TV.

So we’ll take you through the steps to get this activated on your little box of awesomeness and get you on your way to grab some cool screen shots.

Please Note, before we get going, you we need to have the following:

  • Jailbroken Apple TV
  • aTVFlash Installed
  • NitoTV installed

Here we go….

Turn on your Apple TV and head over to NitoTV and open it up

Once you have opened up NitoTV, you will see that you have various options running across the top bar, and various options you have running down the screen on the right side

Leave the cursor on the 1st option (install software), and using your Apple TV remote, hit the arrow down. As you begin to scroll down the options, you will come across ‘ScreenCapture’, simply tab on this and hit install.

You have successfully installed Screencapture! 

How easy was that!?

The only downside with ScreenCapture is that you can’t take screen shots of 3rd party apps, for example XBMC, NavI-x or any other 3rd party add-ons running on your Apple TV. But it’s still a very cool feature to have enabled on your little box of awesomeness.

Check our article on “How to Screen Capture on the Apple TV” for instructions on how to take the screenshots next.

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