How to download Navi-X media content on your iDevice

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on February 26, 2013

Like we all know, Navi-X has become very popular over the last few years, allowing us to view all kinds of different media content from various stream from around the world on your iDevice, but one thing that most people found annoying is that the fact of not being able to download any content directly from Navi-X straight onto your iPhone,iPad or Apple TV.

We can tell you confidently that this is now possible!!! So any programs, Sports or Movies that you don’t have time to watch right away or alleviate the buffering that occurs during streaming can now be downloaded directly onto your iDevice!

One word of  JBM advice would be to make sure the content you are downloading from Navi-X is actually of good picture quality and sound, otherwise you will end up with an hour long movie that you can’t watch properly.

So…let’s this take you through the steps… [We are using a Mac for this tutorial]

Launch Navi-X and Navigate to the Movie/Program of the content you wish to download.


You need to Highlight the file you wish to download and Open the context menu. This can be done on the computer by right clicking on the mouse, on iOS devices by tapping with two fingers, or on the Apple TV by holding the menu button for two seconds.


Choose the “Download” option.


Tap the “Ok” button when prompted for the file save location.




When asked to start download, press the “YES” button.


Once your download has started, you’ll see the progress indicator with percentage at the bottom center of the screen.


To view download progress, or to watch your downloaded content, Go back to the main menu and open up the side menu by trying to go back again, either by pressing the back arrow at the top left of the window or by pressing the “MENU” button. You should then choose the “Downloads” tab.


Choose from either “Download Queue” or “Completed Downloads” depending on what you’re looking watch your download content or checking on the progress of a download.


That’s as simple as it is! So now you can download any of your favorite films/Programs and have the comfort of watching it at your leisure whenever you want.



*Please note that we do not condone piracy in anyway*

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