How to add the ‘Fusion’ Repository to Apple TV

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 16, 2012

Once you have jailbroken your Apple TV, you will obviously want to get all the awesome add-on’s onto it.

We are going to show you how to achieve this in probably one of the easiest ways ever!

No more downloading and uploading files and once you’ve added the repository’s that you want from fusion, they will automatically update themselves, so no need to keep checking for the latest releases.

Right….Let’s get you going;

Open up XBMC on your Apple TV home screen

Now you need to head over to SYSTEM and then select FILE MANAGER, this will now open up a new screen where you can view your Profile Directory and add sources. Select ADD SOURCE

Click on ADD SOURCE, you will now see a window pop up where you need to add the Fusion Repository. Enter the following;

You will now have to save this, so just hit DONE.

You will now see that the fusion repository has been saved as a source, hit the down arrow as you will need to name this, so you can see it in sources. You can name it whatever you choose or name it Fusion (like we have)

Your File Manger should now look like this

You now want to add the repository’s from the fusion source that we have just added. Head over to  SETTINGS under the SYSTEM setting on the XBMC home screen


Now you can browse through the folder and choose what repository’s you want to add. Simply go to the one you want and hit ‘Install’ (You can only add 1 at a time)

Once you have installed the repository’s you want, you will need to enable the add-on within the zip file. To do this, head over to ‘Get Add-Ons’ choose the repo, and select the files inside that repo and hit ‘install’

For example, we have chosen 1Channel

Now once you have done that, you need to head back to the XBMC home screen, select where the repository was installed, whether it was a video add-on, Music, or program you will now see it sitting there ready to use! We used 1Channel, so that will be under Videos.

Give yourself a pat on the back, you have successfully installed Fusion! 

Please note; Like we touched on earlier, you can only 1 Repository at a time, so you will have to repeat that process to add more.

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