Fix a BAD Cydia tweak/install without restoring & re-jailbreaking

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 6, 2013

Hey guys,

Just wanted do a quick how-to today. Many may find this VERY useful, especially in the next few days since everyone is installing all their favorite Cydia tweaks.

A few days ago, the long awaited #evasi0n jailbreak people have been waiting for was finally released. We covered this in our 2 how to guides , How to Jailbreak any iPhone using #evasi0n [video] & How to Jailbreak any iPad using evasi0n [video].

Since the release of evasi0n, people have been installing tweaks like no tomorrow. I’m getting tweeted about the compatibility issues from some of these tweaks, about every 10-15 minutes. Jailbreakers should remember that not all apps have been updated to iOS 6 yet, meaning some will cause your iPhone to crash or get stuck in a reboot loop, and most people end up restoring their devices, and starting fresh again.

So today i’ll share a quick tip, on how to get your device back up and running without having to restore the whole iOS & rejailbreaking your device.

Here are some of the problems people are experiencing :

  • users can’t boot normally, only into safe mode
  • users keep rebooting with the Apple logo
  • users installed something to lock themselves out from access ( android lock xt, and forgot their pattern)
  • there are tons more reasons an un-experienced jailbreaker could lock themselves out of the device

So how do you fix it ?

1. Well if you can still boot into safe mode, first thing that I would recommend is, go back to Cydia and uninstall the last tweak you installed, this should allow your device to boot normally again.

2. If you are stuck  and you can’t boot, there is another thing you can try. While booting your device : Hold the VOLUME UP button while rebooting your device, this disabled all tweaks / cydia patches from loading during the boot up process.  98% of the time this will allow the users to boot their devices back up. After that head back to Cydia and again uninstall any of the last tweaks you installed and try booting again, but this time without holding any VOLUME button, to see if it works.

If you have any other suggestions, please share them below.

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