Unlock your 6.1.3 iPhone

By : Mario Dabek posted on November 9, 2012

1. Get your iPhone IMEI


2. Service Currently Suspended

3.  After You have paid, please allow up to 24 hours to activate your unlock.

  • iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 users will have to connect to iTunes and Sync once the process is completed.
  • iPhone 5 users will have to use iTunes to restore the device to factory state after unlock, this is when the iPhone unlock will be applied by iTunes.
  • Your device will never be locked again
  • You can use http://www.imei.info/ to check the status of your unlock


We only unlock iPhones purchased prior to Jan 2013, to comply with DMCA regulations

We’re running a special buy 5 unlocks get 1 free until the end of the year.

Do you have a US AT&T iPhone and need it unlocked ? Well we can help.

Many people are still waiting for a software unlock to arrive for their iPhone 4S, even though the iPhone 5 has already been out for almost 6 months. If you’ve been following the jailbreak community, you will know that we haven’t had an official software unlock, since iOS 4 with the iPhone 4. That’s 2 years ago.

Currently the only possibility to unlock your device is with the help of a Gevey Sim adapter or possibly by updating your device to iPad modem firmware(baseband) on the older devices, not recommended. Both these things have drawbacks. Many of the Gevey Sim adapters will only work for specified versions of the iOS firmware, and most the time you can’t upgrade your iOS sofware, or you will lose your unlock. Upgrading your older device such as the 3Gs to use the iPad baseband is also possible, however soon as you do that, you can’t use iTunes to restore your device anymore, and brings on a huge headache when you actually have to restore your device.

So what are the alternatives ?

Well we now have 2 reliable sources in place which can do Factory Unlocks for you !

We’ve tested the sources with many users, and have received nothing but good feed back.  The primary benefits of this unlock is, you have only have to do it once !

When completed your iPhone will always be unlocked, you can update to whatever version of iOS firmware you want, as your Unlock does not rely on any kind of jailbreaks. There is a one time unlock fee, and currently ALL US AT&T iPhones are on promotion for a measly $15 ! This automatically increases the resale value of your device, as now your buyers could can be on any Carrier, so you are no longer stuck trying to sell your iPhone to another AT&T user.

Official Supported Devices

- unlock any iPhone 2G
- unlock any iPhone 3G
- unlock any iPhone 3GS
- unlock any iPhone 4
- unlock any iPhone 4S
- even unlock any iPhone 5 !!

Unlock support for iOS 

- 6.1.3 unlock
- 6.1.2 unlock
- 6.1.1 unlock
- 6.1 unlock
- 6.0.1 unlock
- 6.0 unlock
- 5.1.1 unlock
- 5.1 unlock
- 5.0.2 unlock
- 5.0.1 unlock
- 5.0 unlock
- 4.2.1 unlock
- 4.2 unlock
- 3.1.3 unlock

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