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By : Mario Dabek posted on December 1, 2012

Exciting day here today at Jailbreak Matrix.

We are launching the next version of our website.

Jailbreak Matrix has been providing solutions since early 2010, and our community has been growing every day. With over 9,000,000 jailbreak requests processed through our jailbreak chart over the last 24 months, we though it was time for a remodel. Some key new features that we’ll be introducing include: instant jailbreak notifications, the JBM portal, a whole new look and feel, and 500% increase to our writing staff.

Our goal has always been to provide the right jailbreak solutions to our readers.

Over the last 2 years, the number of iDevices has increased dramatically. There are now 25 device variations of the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and the Apple TV, excluding the iPad Mini gsm/cdma, and iPad 4 gsm/cdma versions, which are still not released. Some devices such as the 3GS have firmware from iOS 3.x to 6.x. I show 19 iOS releases for the iPhone 3GS alone in my database. So lets say 25 devices x 19 iOS releases = 475 variations of devices + iOS firmware.

Finding the right tool to jailbreak your device has never been more confusing. So we needed to rethink our approach and come up with something creative. We’ve worked really hard for the past few months, and today we’re going to step a bit further into the right direction.

Let me go over some of the key new improvements and additions :

instant access from any page on our site to find the right jailbreak solution suited for your iDevice

new JBM Portal allows you to add any devices that you would like jailbreak notifications for.

You can choose to turn off tethered jailbreak notifications if you wish. And limit the notifications down to platform as well, Windows, Macintosh, or Linux. This way you only get the right alerts.

New interactive Cydia sources page will allow users to submit new sources, as well as flag any inappropriate ones.

New How to Page. We were going to make this the 101 HowTos page, but we’ve already passed that number and the pages was getting too crowded. Made it harder to find what you need. So this new simple clean list will take away a lot of the clutter, and show you exactly what you are looking for.

New social media connect. Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google and many more other platforms. No need to create new accounts, just connect your existing ones.

This is a big step up from what we were able to provide before to our users.

We’re going to be releasing some very interesting reviews, some amazing howto’s and running many new contests.  You’ll hear about the first one in about an hour.

Don’t forget that we’re giving away the iPad mini !
Click here to join the contest.

For now, please enjoy the new site and welcome our new writers by saying hi or leaving a comment on one of their articles.

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