Watch Playboy TV on your Jailbroken Apple TV [18+]

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on September 6, 2013

Here at Jailbreakmatrix we try and make sure we have everyone covered in all departments when your using your Jailbroken Apple TV. We show you how to get the best out of them showing you some cool tweaks and tricks, so I guess it’s only fair to include this post.

Yes, there are people out there that enjoy watching Adult entertainment, we do not discriminate against people for there believes or how they roll in life, everyone is different, this is what makes the world turn :-)

As we all know [including myself] Playboy is the biggest adult entertainment company in the world and one of the most popular ones.

With the recent re-birth of Navi-X we are going to show you where you can go and get your Porn fix ;-p

From the main XBMC menu, head over to ‘programs’


Select ‘Navi-X’

navi-x program

Stay in the top left corner and select ‘Navi-Xtreme Portal’


We need to head down to ‘Most viewed in 24hrs’, now select.


Your screen will now be filled with lots of Navi-X users giving you access to there awesome media content. We need to scroll down until you find ‘Late Night Mens Couch’ , select this playlist so it opens.


As you can see now, the Playboy channel is 1st on the list. All you need to do is select it, sit back and enjoy :-)


As for the quality of the viewing…..


As the image above shows, the quality of the stream is perfect. You didn’t really think we would show you some tits and ass on here did you?  :lol:

Like we mentioned before, we are not telling you to view this content and nor should you if your underage! We try and cater for everyone of our Jailbreakmatrix fans needs, so if your a massive porn fan, this must be heaven ;-p

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