The Most Useful Tweaks that I Have Found For iOS

By : Maya Martinez posted on February 14, 2013

Now that the Jailbreak has been out for awhile, there are tons of tweaks and apps out there for you to enjoy. There are over a million customization options and tweaks that can make your device just for you. We are now bale to customize our phones down to the icon images and fonts. Our devices are unique again and aren’t as boring as Apple somehow intended them to be. Going through Cydia I have found the tweaks that make my phone super fast and easy to use.

All Devices

Springtomize 2 – $3

Screenshot of Springtomize menu

This is the must have tweak if you are going to customize your phone. You can do pretty much everything with this tweak that you would like to be able to do to personalize your phone. With this app you can edit almost anything and replaces the need to have to download a bunch of different apps across Cydia. With this tweak you can change your carrier name, how many icons you want in your dock, lockscreen images, the time display, icon size… the list goes on. I will be further embellishing on this tweak as it has so many options to cover it needs its own review. This should be the first tweak that you download.

If you want to read more about Springtomize click here to read my further embellishment.

BatterDotctor Pro – FreeScreenshot of BatteryDoctor Pro

This is an amazing tweak that can help you save battery life and take control of your phone just like SBSettings and NC Settings. It has a ton of toggles that you can use to control almost every aspect of your phone. It also has the ability to record your charging data so that you are able to keep your device’s battery in optimal shape. It will also give you peace of mind knowing what your battery percentage is at any time while showing you the apps that are draining your battery for removal.

To find out more about BatteryDoctor Pro click here.

Speed Intensifier – FreeScreenshot of SpeedIntensifier

This tweak allows for you to speed up loading times of apps and loading images, making your phone seem blazing fast. No more is their lag between opening and closing apps, everything seems to load faster and your phone feels like everything is happening in an instant. You can play with the app in the settings menu and adjust how much speed boost that you want or you can even adjust it to where the loading times are actually slower if that is your preference. I leave it at plus 4 because that is where there is actual balance between apps loading and the loading images don’t collide. The tweak comes in 2 parts one for the settings and one for Winterboard so that all loading images are taken care of on the system.

This tweak can be found at

Zephyr – $5Screenshot of Zephyr menu

This is the tweak that makes my phone perfect. It makes multitasking a breeze and allows me to not have to use my home button to go through my phone for any reason. Being able to use different apps continuously and flow through with just swipes is truly amazing. The simplicity that this causes me is the whole reason that I love Jailbreaking. You can manage Zephyr in the settings to use as many fingers you want and how responsive it should be so that it goes to your total liking. This tweak is totally worth every cent that it cost.

Auxo – $2Screenshot of Auxo in action

Auxo goes perfect with Zephyr or you can use it just fine by itself. This tweak allows you to view your open applications with live tiles of the last thing that you were doing from when you exited the app. It makes your switcher bar look much cleaner and well organized. The reason I like it so much is that I get to see the last thing I was doing on the apps that I was using and helps me stay focused while I am moving around my iPhone or iPad to complete the different tasks I set out to do on them. Also the ability to just swipe down an app to kill it without having to go through all of the old Apple steps is truly a time saver. Lastly using it with Zephyr makes total perfect sense.

Barrel – $3Screenshot of Barrel effect menu

Swiping from page to page can be boring, especially if you tons of pages (Dude, you know there are folders right?). Well since coming across Barrel, I get amazing screen transitions that I can enjoy and show off to my friends to wow them. This is a just a fun tweak that allows for you to take over more control of your phone and have tons of fun with it.

Nitrous – $1Screenshot of Nitrous menu

With this tweak you are able to use the Nitro JavaScript engine that apple put into iOS to help speed up MobileSafari. You will be able to use it for any app that has to load JavaScript and makes it at least 2x faster.

NCTabClock – FreeScreenshot of NCTabClock in action

This tweak is useful if you use your your iOS device to play games and want to check the time for a certain reason without having to exit the app. Just pull down on the area you normally would to get to the Notification Center and you will get the pull tab with the time instead of the tab image that Apple had placed there.

PasswordPilot – FreeScreenshot of PasswordPilot menu

This is a great tweak if you are the only one that uses your iOS device. It allows for you to have your password loaded at all times into the request box that pops up when you have to put in your iTunes password. Be careful though with this app keeps your password at all times and anybody that uses your iOS device has access to the iTunes store and can make purchases without your consent.

WinterBoard – FreeScreenshot of WinterBoard theme selection

This is the main application for theme tweaking. This allows you to change the way that your iOS device looks. This allows you to change the images that your icons have and the layout pictures once you open up your application. It is amazing for developers to get all the details of your device changed and make it look something spectacularly new.

Zeppelin – FreeScreenshot of Zeppelin img chooser

This is a great tweak to change up your Carrier name with an image or image script. This is pretty awesome as their are tons of different images to choose from. It is simple and easy to choose your images and to download. You don’t even have to respring your phone to be able to view the new picture that you have chosen.

Browser Chooser – FreeScreenshot of BrowserChooser menu

This is a simple tweak that allows you to choose which browser you want to use as your default allowing for you to not have to use MobileSafari as a daily driver. I really enjoy using a browser that I can have the ability to choose to view mobile sites or full fledged desktop browser.

For iPhone

biteSMS – $8Screenshot of biteSMS text pop upScreenshot of biteSMS theme

If you are an constant sms sender throughout the day and are always glued to your phone, then this app should be a total heaven send to you. With this app it allows you to tweak your messages to the exact way that you want them. You will be able to theme the way your messages look and get more use for sending messages out. The best ability of this app is to receive messages as pop ups in any app allowing for you to continue doing what you were doing before you got that message and seamlessly stay in your conversation. Also being able to respond from the lockscreen makes you more efficient at the tasks around you. (Can also be used on the iPad for iMessages)

CallBar – $4Screenshot of CallBar menuScreenshot of CallBar Missed Call

Just like biteSMS makes it easier to view messages while using your phone, CallBar makes it that easy to view incoming calls. If you are using your phone to view certain feeds or are just doing something on it, when a phone call comes in it won’t ruin your concentration allowing for you to stay on top of the task at hand. Accept the call or ignore it without having to go into the phone app to complete the procedure and make your phone that much more resourceful keeping your full attention on what you were doing instead of getting sidetracked.

LockInfo – $8Screenshot of LockInfo

This is a simple app and tweak that makes it possible to view your notifications and other info from your lockscreen without having to go into your phone to do the same thing, leaving you with less steps. You can view the weather, set up favorites to view directly from your phone and interact with your notifications so that you don’t have to be constantly reminded of something if it is not that important.

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