The Lavolta Portable Laptop Stand

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on June 17, 2013

Having to work on the go can be tricky sometimes, trying to balance your laptop on you lap or holding it with one arm and typing with the other, I know how it feels, that why we thought it was time to investigate in finding a cheap alternative to all this madness and finding a suitable quality laptop stand that will make your life that much easier.

We didn’t realize who much of a market there is for such a stand, or maybe I was naive in thinking that everyone struggles just like me. Well it appears they don’t because they are all rocking a laptop stand of some kind.

After about a week, we narrowed it down to just a couple that we thought were of good build quality, on budget of $50.00 and easy to carry around if you need it to be. But there was a clear winner.

The Lavolta Portable Laptop Stand.



Another important factor was also heat, like we all know laptops get incredible hot when in use for a certain period of time, so when we received the Lavolta Laptop Stand, we was very eager to test out it’s built in hydro bearing fans which are powered by USB port.

photo 5

They claim that the fans work as silent as a mouse……they were right!

photo 6

So far very impressive. We touched early on the weight of the Laptop Stand that we was looking for, this is vital as we would need to use this on the move and didn’t want to hassle of dragging along something that’s as heavy as a brick. So we were pleasantly surprised when me gave it a weight in and found that it only weights 1.3 Kg!!! NICE! Easily carry-able :-)

2I must of spent a good apart of an hour checking out of the angles I could get the stand on to use my MacBook, it seems that they have accommodate your needs in every way, this is because of these cleaver  auto-locking joints with 360 degree roatiation at every end of a leg.



The dimensions of the Lavolta Portable Laptop Stand are;  485x265x45mm, Lavolta claim that the stand is only suitable for 7-17″ laptops.

Overall, if your after a well built quality laptop stand then look no further, the Lavolta Portable Laptop Stand will cater for all your needs. If your interested in grabbing one of these from the worldwide web, here is a link direct to Amazon , they are currently on special offer so hurry quick!!!! :-)

JBM Rating 7/10

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