The Benefits Of Jailbreaking a Apple TV

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 11, 2012

Right, so where do we begin…

Jailbreaking your Apple TV basically opens endless possibilities of what your Apple TV can really do. The standard Apple TV for example, can only play certain Movie & Music Formats. This is one of the main reason that people  jailbreak an Apple TV. Normally the Apple TV requires you to use Apple’s iTunes software to access media on your TV. This means you are beholden to the apps and types of media chosen by Apple to feature in their iTunes Store.

When you jailbreak, however, you can download any application or stream any type of media from your computer or the Internet, Using a program called FireCore atvFlash.

FireCore is a brilliant software package that turbo boosts  your new black Apple TV, with many features that come with it, the main one is being able to watch certain Media formats  that you would normally not be allowed on a standard Apple TV.

The FireCore Supported Media formats are;







Now knowing how many media formats it covers, no wonder why we think FireCore is awesome, Converting files to play on the ATV is now a thing of the past!!! :-)

FREE movie’s and program’s come in all kinds of different ways once you are Jailbroken. This meaning, that there are a few plugin’s you can add to your little shiny box that makes you able to stream any type of movie or program, whether it’s a latest released movie or a old classic, latest released series of your favourite program or an old series that you want to watch again, this is where piracy comes into place.When you troll the internet on reasons why certain people Jailbreak an Apple TV, the same answer seems to pop up more times than others, and that is, to watch movies and customize for free! Now as we mentioned many times before, we do not condone piracy but will delve into this ‘FREE Movie’ topic a bit more.

There are also many other Plugin’s you can get where people share there movie collection, this again is something that is frowned upon from certain people and in certain countries. On the flip side, we can guarantee that the amount of movies that is available for FREE once Jailbroken in unbelievable, there must be 10’s of thousands…or maybe millions on the end of your Apple TV remote. Hence this being the most popular reason people Jailbreak the Apple TV.

Some of the Media content you have access to are programs/Channels like Hulu, Amazon, PBS,ABC,CBS,NBA,MTV…the list goes on and on.









It’s just not all about movies and programs tho, Music is also another big factor. You will have the ability to stream practically any radio station from around the globe, you can choose any genre to listen to for example; Jazz, Clasical,Dance, Hip-hop and many more. You can use other apps to stream your music content via your Apple TV as well, instead of relying on iTunes all the time. Your Apple TV will be freed from the clutched of iTunes to play whatever music you want.

Some of the Music content you can enjoy are plugins like Last.FM and Pandora, and with the various Radio Channels you can get you are spoilt for choice! The radio stations you will have choices of are spread all from around the world, whether its you favourite channel you listened to on your vacation abroad or whether it’s your local station, these choices are at your fingertips.









If you’re into your sports, this is right up your street to. With access to NBA,MLB,Soccer,Tennis, Basketball, Hockey…in fact you are pretty much covered on ALL sports. Again, this can be frowned upon, as some of the streams are from paid sites and but some aren’t,it’s a really touchy subject so will won’t delve too much into it, but we have checked out some of the streams for the purpose of this article, and they seem to work as described.









Let’s now mention about why most of use Jailbreak, Customization!

Like every device you can Jailbreak, you have the option to an your own custom tweaks or Apps to it, whether  it’s changing the font on your iPhone or changing your background on your iPad to an animated one. The same applies with your Apple TV but in the way of Slideshows, weather and much more on your XBMC main menu, but the biggest tweak you can perform on your Apple TV is changing the complete theme!

That’s right, you have options to configure your layout to certain themes which are available on XBMC for free, and you can also add more themes if you so wish, it’s all about finding your perfect setup.

You can see some of the theme’s below

Say goodbye to your PC! You got it, you can turn your Apple TV into a fully functionally working computer on your TV, How cool! 

Once jailbroken the option is available to install a WebKit browser in the name of “Couch Surfer” so that you can scroll through the web, hooking up with your favourite websites ( – obviously) and other sites you like, we have also tried playing YouTube videos through it, and it works sweet!

I hope we have gave you a better understanding  of what benefits you can  get form Jailbreaking a Apple TV, from where we are standing, there only seems to be pro’s and not any con’s.

One of the most popular question we get asked about Jailbreaking, whether it’s an Apple TV or any iDevice, is that “Can I use the Device as you would normally?” YES, to that answer, you can still use your Apple TV as you normally would, whether it’s checking out some movie previews on iTunes or flicking through you photo Stream, it all works the same.

If you have issues regarding Warranty, yes, you do void it, but if you come into any issues with the Apple TV or any device in that matter, it’s as simple as plugging it into your iTunes and hitting ‘Restore’, job done.

Remember, its Apple’s least expensive device, yet as you have read from our article, it’s in our view one of the most powerful.

Have we tempted you into thinking of getting an Apple TV to jailbreak?

(Apple TV 2nd Gen’s are only possible at them moment to Jailbreak up to software 5.0.2)

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