Tell us what you like / hate about iOS 7

By : Mario Dabek posted on June 13, 2013

So it’s been a couple days now since the newly refreshed iOS 7 beta arrived.

I know many of you must have been very busy switching / updating your iPhones & iPods over to iOS 7.

Especially since the release of our latest guide, “How to get iOS 7 for your iPhone / iPad without a developer account“.

Many of you love the new design, and some have been already made the decision of switching back to iOS 6.

Overall, we’re still testing and getting use to the new interface, but we want to hear what you have to say !

Tell us, what do you like or hate the most about the new design and be automatically entered to win a free copy any iOS App, valued upto $10 !

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Mario Dabek
Mario Dabek is a technology journalist residing in Ontario, Canada. Covering everything from the latest Apple & Jailbreak news, to writing step by step jailbreak tutorials. Some key contributions include the world famous "Jailbreak Chart" as well as the "100 Reasons to Jailbreak" Video.