Olloclip For iPhone 5: Nothing Is Perfect, But This Is Close

By : Justin Lock posted on December 20, 2012

For many, the camera on the iPhone has been one of the most enticing features of the device, at least since the fourth iteration was released.

However, one thing we all know for sure is that all tech, regardless of how wonderful it may appear, always has room for improvement.20121129-211933.jpg

The Olloclip lens adapter for the iPhone 5 aims to provide such an improvement in the form of a simple, small and lightweight solution. Simply slide the adapter on the camera corner of your iPhone 5 and take some fantastic shots with one of the three integrated lens options – wide angle, fisheye or macro.

In terms of aesthetic design, the sleek Olloclip really is perfect. Solid black plastic hugs the antenna frame of your beloved iPhone, with a groove cut out for the sleep/wake button, while the anodised, red, aircraft-grade, CNC-machined aluminium finishes the whole thing off beautifully.



Included are a couple of lens caps, along with a small microfibre drawstring bag – doubling as a lens cleaner – to hold the kit together in your pocket for convenient use.

All in all, I found it really difficult to find any faults with this. I have even taken to having this wonderful accessory available in my pocket constantly.

However, I would love the option of an optical magnification adapter Patrick :P

Here are some sample test shows I did


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