o2 Carrier offering iPhone 4S lease /w Plan @ $55/month

By : Mario Dabek posted on December 12, 2011

This morning I came accross some news about the UK cellular provider O2 and the new iPhone 4S.

O2 has just launched an iPhone leasing option for small to media size businesses. This will allow you to lease your new iPhone 4S for 12 months, and have the option to upgrade to the latest & greatest release when that time period runs out. This is a great idea ! I would love to be able to upgrade every year without having to pay penalties and not every 3 years like its forced on you up here in Canada. The deal starts at just $55 a month and includes, an iPhone 4S 16GB, 750 minutes, unlimited SMS, and 500MB of data. So not only is this a fantastic idea allowing you can upgrade your iPhone every year, this is also a fantastic price if you ask me. I pay about $85-90 a month for a plan simular to that one and that does not include a phone. So if this tickles your fancy and O2 is in your area, why not check out this great deal.

source : metro.co.uk

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