NEW Sport-a-Holic Addon from the creator of MashUp on XBMC

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on July 5, 2013

Coming from one of the most popular XBMC add-on’s, Mashup has released a new add-on called: Sport-a-Holic. Yes the name kinda gives it away.

Sport-a-Holic is complete add-on completely dedicated to every sport you can imagine, so if your the kind of person that just loves watching sport, Sport-a-Holic is for you!

How can you get this awesome add-on? Easy……Follow our guide below and you’ll have plenty of sport to watch in no time at all :-)

If you haven’t already, make sure you have installed the Fusion repo, as you need this to enable Sport-a-Holic, you can follow our guide on how you can install Fusion here .


  • So you have the fusion repo installed and your ready to go! On the main XBMC main screen, head over to ‘System’



  • Once clicked on ‘Settings’, you need then to head to ‘Add-ons’ as you can below. What we are doing is navigating towards the Fusion repo to enable the Sport-a-Holic add-on :-)




  • Once in ‘Add-ons’ you will have 5 options on where to go next, we want to head into ‘Get Add-ons’, go ahead and click away.





  • Click on the top repo ‘Mash2k3′ , as this is where the new add-on is situated. Now your inside the Mash2k3 repo, we want to click on ‘Video Add-on’s’ [as pictured below]



  • Now you can see the new add-on my MashUp :-) , click on it and you will be then prompted to install…..go for it! :-)



  • Once Sport-a-Holic has been installed on your XBMC, navigate to Video’s from your XBMC homes creen. You will now see your new sports add-on. that wasn’t so hard was it?!


All you need to do now is go and explore the new add-on you’ve installed. Big props goes to MashUp, he has put in some serious work on his latest add-on. If your on twitter and want to show MashUp some love, you can follow him here

So let us have a little exploration……


As you can see, you are spoilt for choice!!!


I hope you folks all enjoy MashUp’s new Add-on, we certainly do and make sure you show MashUp some support!!!

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