Is the Apple TV for Real or Just a Hobby?

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 24, 2012

Since the birth of the Apple TV, it’s never really been in any limelight, why is that?

Rumors has it that it’s just a hobby on the side for apple, something that they aren’t taking to seriously, well we think different.

Why would they continue to bring out new models?

Why would they continue to update firmwares for them?

Why are we now seeing them in featured Apple adverts?

Are Apple about to see apple make an Official iTV?

There are lots of questions floating around in peoples minds in which way apple is heading with the little box of awesomeness.

It all started in March 2007, 21st to be exact, they released the 1st Apple TV, Silver in colour, a little over 7inch’s in size, and it didn’t seem much of a ‘great device’ released by apple, in fact they didn’t really even start advertising it. This is where rumors started stipulating that this thing called ‘The Apple TV’ is just a hobby that Apple are doing on the side.

With the Spec on the device pretty normal for Apple the attention from the public was mearly non-existent, and it was just “another one of apples products’ on the shelf for people to buy.

Then just under a year later, Apple release the 2nd Generation of the Apple TV, March 2011,changes came massively for this update. The 1st change was pretty obvious, that it had a makeover in the colour of black and size.The 2nd Gen ATV came with the ‘New’ A4 chip processor too, packing some serious power and the ability to use the iTunes Movie & TV Show rentals,720p viewing and lots of other new cool features. But still no official Advertising was made for this.

This was a massive step already from the 1st generation to the 2nd, so already you see that apple have up’ed there game on this so called ‘Hobby’ of their’s in that short period of time.

Next up and maybe that last Apple TV, came the 3rd generation April 5 2012 ,this time just over a year from the Apple TV 2nd generation . Now this Badboy comes with the Latest A5 Single core processor, but pretty much the same spec as the Apple TV 2nd Gen, apart from the 1080p viewing.


So not much of a jump in that kind of way. Same design, size and same controller. It’s almost like Apple have reached the pinnacle of the Apple TV Box in these 3 Generations that they have brought out.

Where do Apple go from here? Do they bring out a fully fledged iTV or do they continue in building these Boxtops to do more incredible and powerful things? only time will tell.

As only recently they brought out Apple Events, a new edition to the Apple TV, that you can now view live apple events from the comfort of your home. The latest being the release for the Mini iPad,iMac, 13’ Macbook Retina Pro and more, which we watched at Jailbreakmatrix LIVE on our Apple TV. Thus showing, that they still have a main interest in the Apple TV and adding cool features to it.

All through these Apple TV Generations there has been various firmware updates that has enabled some really cool features, such as ‘AirPlay’, So this surely means that they are always looking to improve the ATV.

With all the evidence we have seen and gone through, you can see that the Apple TV has evolved massively over a period of 5 years, maybe not as fast as other devices such as iPhones and iPads, but it’s still has made a massive leap from the 1st Gen.

This is why we have come to the conclusion that we believe there is much more to come from Apple in the way of the Apple TV.  Even if they don’t advertised on their top toolbar on there website, Knowing Apple and how they approach every device, we are sure to enjoy some awesome treats from them in the near future we are sure.

What are your views?

Do you own a Apple TV? If so, tell us why…


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