iPad running iOS7 Beta Firmware….Real or Fake?

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on June 20, 2013

As we all know, the 1st iOS7 beta is out there in the wild, but only for certain iDevices, it’s not currently available for iPads, so when we were shown the video of an iPad running the latest iOS7 Beta, we wasn’t too sure if this was actually real or not.

YouTuber Rozetked, has put together a short video clip on him showing of iOS7 on his iPad. We know there are some really talented and clever people out there that could possibly create or imitate such a theme on the iPad maybe via Cydia, but something is telling us that this is the actual firmware. The only thing that I’ve come across in the video is that the flashlight toggle is nowhere to be seen in the control center….strange.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think….Real or Fake?

If your wondering why the Beta firmware wasn’t released for the iPads back at the Keynotes, the only conclusion that we can come up with is that Apple were obviously not confident enough to release it yet.

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