Greenp0ison jailbreak released

By : Mario Dabek posted on February 4, 2011

Update 1 : new version rc5 of greenpois0n just released 

Greenp0ison released download now, windows(coming) & mac. Thats right folks from the Dev Team just announced their new Greenpois0n tool, check out the greenpois0n video and text guide here.

Greenpois0n only works on firmware 4.1, so (only if you have an iPhone 4!) if you are on a lower firmware make sure you use TinyUmbrella to preserve your baseband.



OSX coming

Initially, this will be a Windows-only release. This is due to some technical complications that we soon hope to correct. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks to geohot for the bootrom USB exploit. We have opted to use that instead of SHAtter for the sake of exploit presevation.

This release of greenpois0n supports:

- iPhone 4

- iPhone 3G S

- iPod touch (4th Generation)

- iPod touch (3rd Generation)

- iPad

Soon there will be another release, adding things like support for:

- Apple TV (2nd Generation)

- iPod touch (2nd Generation)

We are currently uploading our video guide so stay tuned.



‘Update 4 : Well we knew something like this was coming for sure, Greenpois0n has now lost its ETA(Estimated time of arrival), why ? Well you can thank Geohot for that, his early release of the Limera1n tool yesterday, forced the DevTeam to put a hold on the greenpois0n jailbreak tool until they implement Geohots limera1n exploit. This will allow the shatter expoit to be saved for future iPad 2′s and iPhone V. Trust me you will thank them later for this hard decision.


Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for future devices that may still be vulnerable to it.

We know that this is not what some people want to hear, but due to geohot needing to feed his ego (as usual) and revealing his limera1n exploit, we do not have any other responsible options.


Update 3 : With the new jailbreak arriving this Sunday, everyone is excited as hell ! But unfortunatelly it wont be such good news everywhere. The new greenp0ison tool will only support 4th gen devices such as the iPhone 4, iPod 4G & iPad. This is the limititation of how the low level shatter expoit works.

Members of the Chronic Dev Team have confirmed hours ago that the creator of JailbreakMe, Comex, has more expoits in his possession that will work with the 3G & 3GS, however don’t exepct to see them on 10/10. These are userland expoits meaning that next update from Apple will patch them up. This is why the team will wait for the final release of iOS 4.2 which is coming this november before releasesing the new jailbreak tools for the 3G/3GS & other iPods. 

Why work on somehting for a few months and then have it patched by apple with the next update right ? Makes sense to me.

Another thing, the Greenposion tool is also a shatter based expoit, which was suppose to originoally be a tethered jailbreak. However comex came up with a moethod to untether it using Greenpoision in 4.1. However this will most likely be patched, not the expoit but the way to make it untethered, meaning that even though greenposion will support 4.2, it might be tethered at first.


@geraldo72 no, the underlying SHAtter exploit doesn’t work on that device. Wait for the next userland JB from comex for that.

@Jerometick something like that wouldn’t be before official 4.2 is out (at the very least)


Update 2 : Possible Apple TV support :)

Update 1 : No support for 3GS / 3G / iPod touch 1G/2G/3G

Alight this is the news that everyone has been waiting for, the 4.1 Jailbreak tool is finally coming. Greenp0ision now has a release date, Oct 10, 2010 at 10:10 AM ! Alright, this tool will Jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPod 4G, and the iPad.

Greenp0ison uses the shatter expoit that is hardware based, meaning Apple will not be able to patch this expoit with the next software update :)  

We are updating all the time, the best way to find out how to jailbreak, is to follow our guides, we’ll have them posted within minutes after the jailbreak is released. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the update on the video guides to come.


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