Gotha; Add Shortcuts to your iPhone Contacts [Video]

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on July 15, 2013

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve personally found Cydia a little dead when its come to new inventive tweaks or apps for your Jailbroken iDevice. But that’s until I heard about a new tweak that is coming soon called; Gotha

Gotha is currently not available for public release yet so I worked my charm and got hold of the developers to see if we could get a sneek preview…….and sure enough we have!

Welcome Gotha


Gotha is a awesome new tweak that simplify’s the ability to add shortcuts to your contacts within your iPhone simply by using a slide technique. You now have the ability to:

  • Call the Contact
  • Send a SMS/iMessage
  • Email
  • Tweet
  • Facebook Message
  • Open their Website

photo 1How does this work? Well, when you get into your slide your finger from ‘left to right’….that’s how easy it is! and for those of you that may think you’ll lose the delete slide ‘left to right’ function, you don’t.

photo 2 deleteWhen we say that Gotha is really easy to setup, we mean it…there are only 2 settings that you may want to configure but apart from that, once you’ve installed from Cydia your good to go.

settingsGotha will soon be available within Cydia at $1.99 and available for iPhone’s only. I do believe iPad support will shortly be added.

Jailbreakmatrix would like to say a massive thank you to @iphonconcept and @MTK_Design for letting us having a exclusive look into Gotha, we are pretty sure that this tweak will certainly be a big hit!

Gotha is right in our top 10 Cydia tweaks of 2013 we love it. Check out our short video of Gotha in action below :-)


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