Firec0re release updated atvFlash [Black] 2.2

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on February 19, 2013

Good news for AppleTV owners.

Firec0re have updated and released the latest aTV Flash [Black] to support the latest Seas0nPass Jailbreak that supports 5.2 [iOS6.1] on the Apple Tv 2nd Gen.

If you’re not too sure what aTV Flash [Black] brings to your Apple TV and want an in-depth read on this, you can take a look at our run through on this awesome piece of AppleTV software here.


So…..What’s new?

  • New added support for the Apple TV running 5.2 and Bluetooth Keyboards
  • Minor improvements to backups
  • Minor improvements to DVD playback
  • Fixes a few Minor bugs and improvements
  • NEW! TV Show Playlists – easily pick up from the last unwatched episode
  • NEW! Custom Favorites – create favorites from almost anything, including search terms
  • Big speed improvements while browsing movies/shows
  • Library and Search items can now be hidden from main menu
  • Now showing ‘Writers’ instead of ‘Producers’ on pre-playback screen
  • .ite folders are now hidden from view
  • Hidden files are no longer included in slideshows
  • Better metadata fetching
  • Better trakt syncing and scrobbling
  • Better handling of network settings and errors
  • Many search related improvements
  • Many subtitle related improvements (special characters, performance, etc…)
  • Fixed rare scrobbling issue
  • Fixed rare problems when playing audio files
  • Fixed a few memory related issues
  • iOS 6 support
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

bluetooth keyboard

Note: Some 3rd party plugins such as Plex, Remote HD, Rowmote, and XBMC are not yet compatible with the 5.1+ Apple TV software.

Atv Flash [Black] is compatible with any Apple TV 2 running 4.4 and above, so updating your little box of awesomeness to 5.2 is not required. J

How to Install Atv Flash [Black] on your Apple TV in 5 Steps

Step 1: Follow our SeasonPass Jailbreak Tutorial here

Step 2: Enable Airplay and Homesharing on your Apple TV

Step 3: Download Atv Flash [Black] here

Step 4: Run Atv Flash [Black], then your Apple TV will reboot

Step 5: You will now see a new icon called ‘Maintenance’ confirming the installation ran perfectly.

That’s it, you’re ready to take control of your Apple TV adding all the goodies via Atv Flash J

As we mentioned above on what doesn’t work at the moment, I suppose we better tell you exactly what does work! :-p

  • AirControl
  • Couch Surfer Pro
  • Maintenance
  • Media Player
  • RSS Player
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather

Remember guy’s, if you have any question you need answering, head over to our Questions + Answers Portal here

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