Do Not Under Estimate the Apple TV

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on December 21, 2012

As you may have read previously on one of  our articles, we had a discussion about why the Apple TV, does not get much press / advertising from Apple.

We are going to talk about how powerful the Apple TV is and what it actually does, the possibilities are endless, especially once jailbroken! (but that’s a whole different story, which you can catchup on our website here)

What is a Apple TV? ….

Well, it’s a tiny box of awesomeness.

It’s a media box that plays the content of your iTunes on your TV. A lot of people still do not understand that a Apple TV is not actually a TV, but mearly a tiny box you attach to your TV by HDMI and runs over  your WiFi.

There are various different applications for your ATV, like I mentioned, it’s mainly used to play the content of your iTunes including renting movies and TV Shows. Depending on what ATV you have, it’s depends what picture quality it will be streamed through, either 720p or 1080p FULL HD, (ATV 3 Only), either way, the quality of the picture is spot on.

The amount of films and TV Shows you have to hand is unbelievable!!!  There are 10‘s of 1000’s to choose from, you even get to watch ‘trailers’ before you buy to rent if you want. You will never leave your house!

If your worried about the setup, don’t be, it literally takes 3 mins from booting up, all you need to do is sync it with your WiFi enter your password and thats it, trust us, it does take 3mins, we have timed it! :)


Photo’s, with photo stream you can stream your personal photos on your TV screen, perfect for when you have friends or family around, instead of everyone invading your personal space, you can flick them onto your box of awesomeness and share with everyone. This is a quality application called ‘Airplay’ , now Airplay lets you share photos, and even video’s you have have made on your iDevice with everyone.

If your into gaming, you can also Airplay games to your ATV, that;s right!!! it’s awesome. so you can use your iPhone or iPad as a controller and off you go!

With you basic Apple TV Setup, you have icons/Apps such as Youtube,,Netflix,Music and so on, so you are really spoilt for choice in what you want to check out.


As you can see from a couple of previous pictures on Airplay, you notice that our Apple TV, has been renamed as ‘Living Room’, this is a real nice feature on the ATV, as many people have more than one in home, so making sure you connecting to the correct one is essential.

The Apple TV is really a box of fun which all family members can enjoy, weather your into movies, TV Shows, Gaming, Music, the Apple TV has it covered and its small enough to fit in your pocket. So if your going away to holiday home, or abroad on holiday and you know that where you are going has WiFi, you can simply take it with you and plug it in to your TV, Configure the WiFi, simple as that! Bet you didn’t know that. :-)

Remember the Apple Moto ‘There’s an App for that’ ?, yes, you guested it, there are apps available to use your iPhone as the remote controller! Remote App to mention one.

Hopefully after reading this, we have convinced you to head off to the Apple Store and get one, after all it’s one of apple’s most cheapest products!! Coming in at around $99.

This is personally one of our team’s favorite Apple Products (iJ0rd8n)!  You can tell why.

We hope we have given you a small insight into the Apple TV and the possibilities of what can be achieved.

We would love to hear your views on this?


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