Coming Soon……Radius; Rotation to see your Notification [Cydia Tweak]

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on July 16, 2013

I may of been a little to hasty when I recently said about Cydia being a bit stale in the last few weeks as we’ve been approached by another themer that has shown us a really cool tweak that is currently in the works.

I suppose one of the reasons that Cydia has been very quietly recently is that the Beta release of iOS7, so we are guessing that a lot of the themers and devs are looking forward to releasing anyof their new material if and when iOS7 has been officially Jailbroken in the early autumn once iOS7 has been officially released to the public.

Anyway, back to this awesome tweak that we have seen. It’s called Radius and it is AWESOME!


As you might of guessed from the name of this tweak it’s all about rotation to see your notification, so goodbye to ‘Sliding left to right’ to view your notifications which has been around for like FOREVER!!!


We’ve been speaking to the 2 main guy’s behind Radius,Web Designer Matthias and the developer of the tweak rudolf . We was very intrigued to find out why and how they came up with the idea of Radius, and here is what they had to say…

Apple introduced in IOS 5 the notifications on lockscreen. I really liked it. After IOS 6 came out i noticed that it is getting boring to slide left to right to open notifications. I also wanted to creat a cydia tweak. So after a Jailbreak for IOS 6.1.3 released i wanted to create a tweak that changes the lockscreen. iOS 7 was released a few weeks ago and because there was still no lockscreen changes i put the  concept video online  to get some attention. In less that 24 hours i got 1000+ views and that gave me a kick.

Sounds like a perfectly good reason to invent Radius to me. I think sometimes we forget that the ‘Slide’ from left to right has always been the way we reach out to our notifications, so have something fresh like Radius on the scene will certainly make it a much more enjoyable to open up your notifications with a little more swagger :-) Did we also mention that if you want to see older notifications within Radius all you need to do is ‘slide left to right’ within the tweak….nice touch :-)


We currently don’t have an exact date when Radius is going to be available on Cydia, but we do know that once the iPhone version has been dropped the iPad version will be right behind it, which as you can see from the picture below, it looks just as awesome too :-)


Oh….and don’t forget support for the iPad Mini  :-P


Overall we think Radius is a badass tweak and we are counting down the days until it hits Cydia.

We must say a massive thank you to both Matthias and Rudolf for letting us have access to Radius, we are pretty sure that Radius will be a instant hit for all the Jailbreakers around the world.


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