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Apple has always bundled the famous YouTube app with all of it’s iOS devices from the beginning. Allowing users to enjoy the millions of videos that are posted online everyday.

However, recently Apple had a falling out with Google and decided to forgo the remaining time on their agreement that they had to drop both Google Maps and YouTube. People thought the removing of both would be a huge mistake by Apple,  and we’ve heard those opinions from all around the web.

When the iOS 6 jailbreak finally arrived, there were 100s of people who were trying to port the app back over from iOS 5.1.1, however none succeeded. So support for the new iPhone 5 4″ screen has never been there, till now.

Let’s have a look at the new standalone YouTube app for the iOS 6.0+ platform and see how it performs.

App Store
Price : $ Free

Air Video This is a multimedia playback application available for the iPhone / iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 4.X. The application supports streaming avi, divx, and mkv files from MacOS 10.6.4+ Computer. Till now, there have only really been 2 ways of getting a Divx video to playback on your iPhone. 1. Converting to MP4 I’ve been converting videos for the iPhone for almost 3 years now, and it sucks, not only do you waste …

App Store
Price : $ 2.99