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Some of Apple’s restrictions on there iOS devices are sometimes bewildering…. What we are focusing on today is the ability of sending more photos that Apple allow us to when emailing. If you didn’t know, Apple restrict us to only sending 5 photos with any email we send. This can and is a pain in the ass, especially if you have friends or relatives abroad that you want to share photos with. That is just …

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We’ve got a really cool twitter tweak that bundles together 2 features; quick replying and composing!! This isn’t a brand new tweak hitting the scene, in-fact it’s been around for quiet some time, but only up to recently it’s be updated to support iOS7 + arm64 devices ….it’s name; Twitkafly [iOS7] What TwitkaFly brings in is all-in-one package that lets you tweet from wherever your are on your Jailbroken device, using the power of activator …

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With all the cool features you get on your iPhone, certain features that you think it would have in fact doesn’t. We don’t come across a lot of these features that really should be on the device, but one feature that the iPhone lacks, is the ability to view GIF’s on your device. GIF’s are animated pictures [like the one below]. As a iPhone user, your able to save them if if ever someone sends …


Fancy giving your iPhone’s interface a make-over? UIColors can make this happen. Having the opportunity to change the color of certain aspects within your iPhone’s interface shouldn’t go a miss. If you sit back at your iPhone running iOS7, you will notice that it’s very dull and plain…..sure some iOS7 features are nice but nothing has changed in the way of color. UIColor can chagne all this, it allows you to change nearly everything…. From …


It’s becoming more and more apparent that impossible is nothing when it comes to customizing your iPhone. GuestMode is a long anticipated tweak that was in the works for a while and finally we’ve got our hands on it. Like the title says, it’s pretty obvious what this new tweak does for your iPhone. It allows friends, family or randoms to use your iPhone in a ‘Guest Mode’, this protecting what information/apps on your device. …


Are you one of those iOS users that use more than 1 keyboard on a daily basis? Whether your interacting with family abroad or chatting with friends abroad, accessing other keyboards is a little be of a nightmare. That’s up until now. Cydia tweak, Anyboard is just been released into the wild that makes this how process a lot easier. Anyboard is a FREE tweak with the Cydia store that allows users to interact much …


One feature that Apple doesn’t give use iOS users, its the ability to see a detailed description on what is actually downloading when your purchasing a app for the App Store. We think this is a key feature that we haven’t had the ability to privilege yet………I say yet, but lucky for us Jailbreakers, we have a tweak that can give you all the information you need when downloading the apps off the App Store …


We all get frustrated with our friends or family sometimes, or even a work colleague and lashing out is not the right way of going our taking your anger out on them. How about you take your frustration out in a less harmful but fun way…..sound good? Well, we have found a cool app within Cydia that you can take your frustrated out using your artistic skills! SmashFace uses facial detection technology to allow you to …


Want to spice up your iMessage and start sending more creative pictures to your friends and family? Sure you do, by your kinda restricted at what you can send via iMessage, so what you need to do is install  a FREE  tweak called; Doodle Message from Cydia. (Available from the BigBoss repo)   Doodle Message is a cool neat tweak that allows you to send ‘Doodle’ message’s to your friends and family using iMessage! Just imagine how …


Want to send your last photo taken on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to your friend ?

Well now you can.

Most of us take snaps on our iOS devices all the time. Fun as it is, it  builds up quiet the collection. :)

Which is great but not when you want to send your latest photo to one of your friends.

You’ll end up scrolling through the whole photo.app until you find the one you literally taken 2 minutes ago, it’s one of peoples pet hates and especially mine!

Once again Cydia has come to our rescue for Jailbroken devices!

LastPic has just been released to the Jailbreak community which can solve this problem with one tap of the screen!

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Hi Guy’s, As we know, one of the iOS5 perks is the iMessage,yes its great but yet again, Apple have limited us to what we can send and receive.Before you could only send normal text messages, and pictures,videos and basic files over iMessages.Now, with the help of a new tweak called Attacher from the ModMyi repo, the possibilties are endless. Attacher lets you send and view any type of file via iMessages. A really awesome yet simple …