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With all the cool features you get on your iPhone, certain features that you think it would have in fact doesn’t. We don’t come across a lot of these features that really should be on the device, but one feature that the iPhone lacks, is the ability to view GIF’s on your device. GIF’s are animated pictures [like the one below]. As a iPhone user, your able to save them if if ever someone sends …


It’s becoming more and more apparent that impossible is nothing when it comes to customizing your iPhone. GuestMode is a long anticipated tweak that was in the works for a while and finally we’ve got our hands on it. Like the title says, it’s pretty obvious what this new tweak does for your iPhone. It allows friends, family or randoms to use your iPhone in a ‘Guest Mode’, this protecting what information/apps on your device. …


Are you one of those iOS users that use more than 1 keyboard on a daily basis? Whether your interacting with family abroad or chatting with friends abroad, accessing other keyboards is a little be of a nightmare. That’s up until now. Cydia tweak, Anyboard is just been released into the wild that makes this how process a lot easier. Anyboard is a FREE tweak with the Cydia store that allows users to interact much …


If your loving the way the new keyboard layout is on iOS7, then we think you’ll like this new tweak in Cydia that can change it to a epic blue color. Not alienating people, but if blue is your favourite color or even if you fancy a change for color for your keyboard BlueBoard is a great free tweak to install. Even like myself, not a huge fan of that specific color, it sure gives …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.00

One of the most popular Cydia tweaks has just been updated to support all devices running iOS7….even the newly added ARM64 devices Like you’ve guess in the title of this awesome tweak, it allows you to bypass the default set by apple to only let you send the maximum of 5 photos at only one time to a email recipient. As you can see from the image below, we have selected 11 photos and it …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.99

See on iOS7 how the default white keyboard sometimes isn’t very pleasing on the eye? We’ve heard a few remarks form Jailbreak users that would love to see a tweak brought out that gives you a more subtle keyboard rather than that glaring white keyboard. Sure bright is beautiful, but not in every aspect…. Welcome Blaord! Bloard is a awesome new tweak in Cydia that allows you to change the keyboard to a more sexy …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.00

Losing the ability to use your Home button on your iPhone has to be the worst thing to happen, after all it’s used in nearly every thing you do when using your iPhone. Luckily we have seen a surge in tweaks from devs coming out of Cydia that can help reduce this issue, so it’s no surprise that we have another tweak available to use from Cydia today called Menu Button Emulator. Menu Button Emulator …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.00

Fancy a change from the normal typing experience on your Jailbroken device? Sure you will…..Experimenting with new typing tweaks to enhance your experience has become ever more popular in the recnt months. Some users think that the tweaks copy the likes of Android with there features, but they couldn’t be far from the truth. Typing tweaks on Cydia are purely based on making your iPhone or iPad a unique device to you and being able …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.99

How many people use their alarm on either the iPad or iPhone? I would say at least 70% of us actually do. We try and maximize the resources we have on our awesome iDevices to try and make our lives that much easier if it’s possible, this including using our Alarm.app instead of buying a separate Alarm clock. But one thing on the Alarm.app that bugs me is setting the actual time for it to go …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.00

Ok, I usually don’t get excited too much about Cydia tweaks, but this one has me pumped !

Yesterday I finally got to install BatteryDoctorPro, a free Cydia tweak for your iOS device, and after 24 hours, I’m stoked to report my feedback.

BatteryDoctorPro is much more then just a battery meter.

This is one hell of an App.

From shortcut toggles, to different battery profiles, to app usage tracking, this app has it all !

Let’s have a look.

Screenshot of lockscreen

IntelliscreenX 6 is a nice tweak that will help you view your notification center in a new light. With IntelliscreenX 6 enabled you can view more of your notifications with more purpose that can help enable you to do more: faster and easier without even having to go to the homescreen of the device. All of your notifications are categorized by individual groups and you can scroll down to view the notification that you choose. …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 9.99 or $4.99 for update
A screenshot of LockInfo 5

LockInfo is a very useful tweak for your iOS device that can help you take advantage of your phone notifications. It puts more power to you in controlling what is most important for you to get access to on your device. The tweak might seem minor, but it will definitely make an impact in the way that you utilize your phone. It will definitely allow for you to use your phone to be more productive …



Today I want to show you a cool tweak by the name of iCallAnswer.

This app will turn heads :) Trust me.

Well if you own an iPhone, I’m going to show you a very useful tweak that will allow you to receive all your SMS/Call/Twitter notifications without even picking up your phone.

Imagine if you’re working on the car, cleaning the dishes, or exercising, your hands are usually full and possibly dirty. So picking up your phone everytime you get a notification can be kinda frustrating. Your iPhone might get dirty or even worst wet. I know you might be thinking, just wait till you’re done. But most people, including myself don’t have the luxury to wait and answer later. We have kids and on-call jobs and each notification has to be checked all the time.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.99

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to progressively move forward in completing tasks and an easy way to track it all? Well I introduce to you Good Habits for the iPhone. The app is a simple task tracker that tracks what you have set up to complete throughout the day that chains everyday together. Everyday you check off the box that corresponds with the task that you completed. A number then appears to the right that might correspond with the second number right next to it, if that is the highest number of days in your chain.

App Store
Price : $ Free

Google has tried for awhile to make a good enough app for iOS that can be in competition with the stock mail app for quite awhile now. Their first few attempts have been garbage in comparison to the new app that they have produced. I am not saying that the new app is at all great and perfected, but it is moving in the right direction. Updated with a new white icon the app finally brings to the table a worthy app that can stand out amongst your others.

App Store
Price : $ Free

Now available fresh out from Cydia is this sweet tweak called ActiSearch from iMast777 that uses the Activator gesture to gain quick access to certain apps on your iDevice.

ActiSearch is a really useful and straight forward tweak to make your experience on your iDevice even more simpler to access some of your favorite apps without scrolling through various springboard pages.


Out comes from Cydia this awesome tweak PagePreview. This tweak allows you to get the preview of the page when u slide over through the page dots ( the dots on the dock ) . Sounds pretty awesome right?

Whats cool about this tweak is that it allows you to get the preview of the page when u slide over through the page dots ( the dots up the dock ) . You can also move to any Home screen, by dragging your finger on the page indicator dots and then releasing it when you see the preview of that Home screen. Pretty neat!!


Since th introduction on folders in iOS4, there has been many tweaks and apps you can get to inhance your experience when using them, here is another really cool tweak you can add to your collection. This one is abit different from the rest….which we will explain.

ScrollingBoard is the cooltweak for iPod,iPhone and iPad,that lets you have scrolling , unlimitedicons in your dock and folders, addons in your dock like iPodControls and Volume/Brightness Slider, scrollview effects, and more. Sounds cool hey??

ScrollingBoard will cost a measly $1.99, that is VERY cheap for the amount of tweak you are getting!!! This will change your experience on your device hugely…what’s also great is that it supports iOS4 & iOS5+, So everyone can enjoy the fun if your on a older device.


Annoyed at kept being interrupted while in the middle of doing something on your iPhone? Tell me about it!!! Well luckily for us a tweak has been made to make sure this never happens again.

What’s great about the Jailbreak Community is that some developers listen to what users need, and that’s where this tweak originated from,so this just proves what a amazing bunch of guy’s are out there that put forward the time and effort in making awesome tweaks like this one.

We give you CallBar for the iPhone :-)

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.00

Having a Jailbroken device is great, but also having easier quick access to common system toggles (e.g.: Brightness, WiFi On/Off, etc.) would be awesome aswell right?

BigBoss released a tweak/App called SBSettings, SBSettings has become everyone’s favorite Jailbreak apps.

SBSettings offers a faster way to access iPhone Settings from any app without going through the hassle of exiting the app and launching the Settings app!

Cydia Store
Free Download

The boring MultiTasking switcher bar has always been a talking point, people go on about how boring it looks and how plain it looks.

Well….now comes a new and exciting tweak called; Switcher Sense (previously known as Simplexity).

Cydia Store
Price : $ 2.99

Ever wondered or fancied how to record your actual iDevice screen while you are using it?

Maybe you wanted to show your friends how to do something on your iDevice?

Well now you can.

Display Recorder comes to you from iOS developer Ryan Petrich,

Cydia Store
Price : $ 4.99

If your like me and always on twitter, don’t you hate it when you run out of characters when you have so much to say? Sure 140 characters should be enough, but sometimes you have that little extra to say……well I do anyway lol.

Infinite Tweet comes to you from the BigBoss repo, this cool tweak basically allows you to tweet more than 140 characters!

In fact, it lets you tweet shitloads…so many that I don’t even know, and trust me, I ‘ve posted some really really long tweets!!! Hence the name Infinite Tweet.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.99

If your like me and have a WiFi enabled Printer, you will know that there are limited AirPlay enabled printer apps out there.

Meaning if you want to print from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you will have to shell out some big bucks to have this feature.

Thank God for Cydia once again………

TruPrint has come to the rescue!!

Cydia Store
Price : $ 9.99

Hi Guy’s, As we know, one of the iOS5 perks is the iMessage,yes its great but yet again, Apple have limited us to what we can send and receive.Before you could only send normal text messages, and pictures,videos and basic files over iMessages.Now, with the help of a new tweak called Attacher from the ModMyi repo, the possibilties are endless. Attacher lets you send and view any type of file via iMessages. A really awesome yet simple …


Hi Guys, As we all know, when the new iPhone 4S came out, the feature everyone (and Apple) were talking about was its new function Siri. Siri on iPhone 4S lets you use your voice to send messages, schedule meetings, make phone calls and more. Ask Siri to do things just by talking the way you talk. Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean and even talks back… Well now, a new App …

App Store
Price : $ 0.99

User Review : PiGuy

iHome + Sleep is a user friendly app that helps those who need to get up on time – especially if you don’t have an alarm clock. This app integrates Facebook, Twitter, and weather into an alarm system. This system also tracks your sleep habits – and can let you change the tone you wake up to, one of the biggest annoyances with the apple clock app. This app is built to work with iHome’s app-enhanced clocks, but at 20-50 dollars more than a regular clock or charger – it is advised that you stick with your normal charger/clock.

App Store
Price : $ Free