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Fancy giving your iPhone’s interface a make-over? UIColors can make this happen. Having the opportunity to change the color of certain aspects within your iPhone’s interface shouldn’t go a miss. If you sit back at your iPhone running iOS7, you will notice that it’s very dull and plain…..sure some iOS7 features are nice but nothing has changed in the way of color. UIColor can chagne all this, it allows you to change nearly everything…. From …


It’s becoming more and more apparent that impossible is nothing when it comes to customizing your iPhone. GuestMode is a long anticipated tweak that was in the works for a while and finally we’ve got our hands on it. Like the title says, it’s pretty obvious what this new tweak does for your iPhone. It allows friends, family or randoms to use your iPhone in a ‘Guest Mode’, this protecting what information/apps on your device. …


One feature that Apple doesn’t give use iOS users, its the ability to see a detailed description on what is actually downloading when your purchasing a app for the App Store. We think this is a key feature that we haven’t had the ability to privilege yet………I say yet, but lucky for us Jailbreakers, we have a tweak that can give you all the information you need when downloading the apps off the App Store …


Like many of us, we have more than 1 iOS device jailbroken and what better way to exploit using 2 at the same time then by using a cool tweak that will talk to each other making one of your iDevices a speaker, all by using Airplay! Airplay Server turns whatever Jailbroken iDevice into a speaker, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and the iPad Mini as long as your running iOS6+ You may think ‘Why would …

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  Are you looking for some decent ringtones or even some cool sounds for your Jailbroken iPhone? We are going to tell you about probably the coolest Cydia app that gives you unlimited FREE ringtones, SMS tones, Message tones and more! This App is called; Unlimtones Unlimtones is an app made by Audiko, these guys have put together an unbelievable package of FREE Ringtones and Sounds  into a perfect working Application for your Jailbroken iPhone. When we say a unbelievable package, …

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Another new tweak out today for the iOS 5 notification system. This time it’s a music tweak by the name of MusicBanners.

MusicBanners is 100% free and can be found over in Cydia.

To install simply, start cydia, search for “MusicBanners” and then hit install.

Once installed you will see no new App icon on the acre…

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Hi Guy’s, As we know with your iDevice, there isn’t really a way to download music straight onto your device and straight into your itunes library. Luckily for you Jailbreakers, there is a App on Cydia that can do all of the above! MewSeek MewSeek is an all-in-one music downloading/streaming service that allows you to download songs over WiFi/3G or even edge straight to your iDevice and straight into you iPod Library! pretty cool hey! unlike …

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Today i want to share a quick tip on how you can use an old $50 iPod touch to add the Apples Air play feature to any device. Apple’s Air Play allows you to stream music between your apple devices over wifi.

Although this is an awesome feature, many have great systems already setup at home and really don’t see a point to upgrading just to add Air play.  Some new devices such as iPhone docks or Home receivers do support the feature on the market however you have to pay a heafty price tag along with that. Well now there is a cheap alternative, called Air Speaker.


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Submitted by @Leontjeeeee YoutubeToMp3 is a very useful app. Easy way to turn YouTube videos into mp3s. Which you can then download off your phone or listen to using a playlist. 1. Download YoutubeToMp3 from Cydia 2. If you downloaded it you click on the icon off the app 3. When the app opens you first see a sort of news page from the maker of the app 4. Download the mp3`s –> first go …

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