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Yes the title sounds a little crazy, but from today you can actually remotely take a ‘Selfie’ on your iPhone just by whistling….. Selfie’s over the last year have become ever so more popular, from celebrities at awards ceremony’s creating selfie’s to you and I sharing some weird and wonderful selfie’s , it seems everyone is up to it and is the latest craze using your smartphone. But can every smartphone create a selfie just …


Fancy giving your iPhone’s interface a make-over? UIColors can make this happen. Having the opportunity to change the color of certain aspects within your iPhone’s interface shouldn’t go a miss. If you sit back at your iPhone running iOS7, you will notice that it’s very dull and plain…..sure some iOS7 features are nice but nothing has changed in the way of color. UIColor can chagne all this, it allows you to change nearly everything…. From …


The most used default App on your iPhone has to be the camera. Even tho it’s not up there with the best of the rest like Samsung or Sony phone it still can take an awesome picture and provides great video recording. Also me mentioning about the ‘best of the rest’ these manufacturers pride themselves on this feature where as an iPhone is a ‘Complete’ smartphone , if you get what I mean lol Anyway, …

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We came across this tweak in Cydia the other day and thought it was really worth a mention. InstaSave allows you to select any Instagram photo and save it directly onto your iPhone’s camera roll. With Instagram becoming ever more popular, we feel that this tweak could really benefit Instagram, as  we mentioned above, it lets you save photos you’ve created straight onto your device, but it also allows you to save the photos of …

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We all get frustrated with our friends or family sometimes, or even a work colleague and lashing out is not the right way of going our taking your anger out on them. How about you take your frustration out in a less harmful but fun way…..sound good? Well, we have found a cool app within Cydia that you can take your frustrated out using your artistic skills! SmashFace uses facial detection technology to allow you to …


Have you seen Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4? Well if you are acknowledged of its existence I am sure that you already have watched hands-on videos, like The Verge’s, demonstrating its jaw-dropping features. Apparently, one of its software camera  features, called ‘dual-shot’ (it allows you to simultaneously use the front and the rare facing camera),  drew a team of iOS developers and made this feature available on the App Store for you to utilize it.

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You all know by now that we love our tweaks here at Jailbreakmatrix!

And one has just caught our eye on Cydia. BloodShot

BloodShot is one of those tweaks in cydia that what makes jailbreaking your device all worth while. You know when you take a screenshot on your iDevice, it produces a white flash once a snap has been taken., right? Well, now it will produce a BloodShot flash, which looks awesome!!

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Have you ever wanted to hide your photos on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch ? Or maybe even an Album ?

Well now you can. Today I stumbled across a new tweak in cydia called PhotoEnchancer.

PhotoEnchancer is 100% free and can be found in Cydia.

Once installed, let your iPhone or iPad respiring for the changes to go into effect.

Now that you have PhotoEnchancer installed,  you can head over…

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Using apps to take panoramic shots is pretty fun, but stitching together photos is a tedious process. You have to sit there and take a bunch of pictures, make sure they all turn out right, and then wait for them to render. Being the impatient person that I am, I decided to give 360 Panorama a whirl. 360 Panorama does things a bit different than the other panoramic photo apps on the market. Instead of …

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