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It’s becoming more and more apparent that impossible is nothing when it comes to customizing your iPhone. GuestMode is a long anticipated tweak that was in the works for a while and finally we’ve got our hands on it. Like the title says, it’s pretty obvious what this new tweak does for your iPhone. It allows friends, family or randoms to use your iPhone in a ‘Guest Mode’, this protecting what information/apps on your device. …


One feature that Apple doesn’t give use iOS users, its the ability to see a detailed description on what is actually downloading when your purchasing a app for the App Store. We think this is a key feature that we haven’t had the ability to privilege yet………I say yet, but lucky for us Jailbreakers, we have a tweak that can give you all the information you need when downloading the apps off the App Store …


Want to spice up your iMessage and start sending more creative pictures to your friends and family? Sure you do, by your kinda restricted at what you can send via iMessage, so what you need to do is install  a FREE  tweak called; Doodle Message from Cydia. (Available from the BigBoss repo)   Doodle Message is a cool neat tweak that allows you to send ‘Doodle’ message’s to your friends and family using iMessage! Just imagine how …


Ok, I usually don’t get excited too much about Cydia tweaks, but this one has me pumped !

Yesterday I finally got to install BatteryDoctorPro, a free Cydia tweak for your iOS device, and after 24 hours, I’m stoked to report my feedback.

BatteryDoctorPro is much more then just a battery meter.

This is one hell of an App.

From shortcut toggles, to different battery profiles, to app usage tracking, this app has it all !

Let’s have a look.


Apple has always bundled the famous YouTube app with all of it’s iOS devices from the beginning. Allowing users to enjoy the millions of videos that are posted online everyday.

However, recently Apple had a falling out with Google and decided to forgo the remaining time on their agreement that they had to drop both Google Maps and YouTube. People thought the removing of both would be a huge mistake by Apple,  and we’ve heard those opinions from all around the web.

When the iOS 6 jailbreak finally arrived, there were 100s of people who were trying to port the app back over from iOS 5.1.1, however none succeeded. So support for the new iPhone 5 4″ screen has never been there, till now.

Let’s have a look at the new standalone YouTube app for the iOS 6.0+ platform and see how it performs.

App Store
Price : $ Free

Another new tweak out today for the iOS 5 notification system. This time it’s a music tweak by the name of MusicBanners.

MusicBanners is 100% free and can be found over in Cydia.

To install simply, start cydia, search for “MusicBanners” and then hit install.

Once installed you will see no new App icon on the acre…

Cydia Store
Free Download

Who want’s to experience the REAL YouTube…..???? If that’s you, then keep reading! What’s more, it’s compatible with your iPad! :-) Don’t worry guy’s it works with both iPad 1 + 2, also iPhone users you can get this, but it’s called “ProTube”.

Anyway, let’s talk about ProTube HD. With ProTube HD you can browse normally through YouTube, watch videos in High Quality or Standard Quality, manage your account, comment etc. You can also download an unlimited amount of YouTube videos and watch them offline.

If you are someone like mw who like’s to download the audio from Music videos, for example, just the mp3 audio, this can be downloaded too.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 1.49

Hi Guy’s,

Are you one of those hardcore people that likes downloading torrents? Now think…Would what it be like if you could do the exact same what you do on your PC, but to do it on your iOS Device????

Obviously Apple does not allow this, but lucky or you Jailbreakers, there is a App for doing this!!! :-)


Cydia Store
Free Download

I guess you are wondering what the big fuss is about with XBMC for your iDevice?

Well, I going to tell you a little about it and show you whatcan be achieved when you have this installed on your iDevice!

XBMC (formerly “Xbox Media Center”) is a free, open source  multimedia player that originally ran on the first-generation Microsoft Xbox, (not the newer Xbox 360), and now runs on computers running Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and iOS. So you are probably thinking….What Can I possibly gain form installing this on your iDevice?

First thing, Because this is an open source multimediaplayer, you can obviously add programs/videos/pictures and music to this!!

Cydia Store
Free Download

I think the days of just syncing your iDevice to a single iTunes is nearly over……

We all know how iTunes has caused us nightmares in the past, hopefully this really is the end of the issue as Harrison Apps has come up with ingenious tweak/App!!!! :-)

Cydia Store
Free Download

If you use your iDevice Alarm clock like me, aren’t you frustrated with the dull selection of alarm tunes that you can have to wake you up? I mean, come on guy’s who wants to wake to; Marimba, Ascending, Bark…the list is endless!

I give you; PlayAwake…….a Jailbreak tweak that lets you assign any music/audio from their music library to ring as an alarm. To achieve this, this tweak adds a new panel to the Clock app that allows users to choose between the standard sounds, such as the well-known ‘Marimba’ one, or a song from the local iOS library of songs, which you synced from iTunes of course.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 1.99

Got a fun tweak for you guy’s here, are you one of those people that loves custom sounds on your iDevice?

I certainly am, I love knowing that no one else is going to have the same iDevice as me with my own sounds on it.

We bring you, iSounds;

Cydia Store
Free Download

Air Video This is a multimedia playback application available for the iPhone / iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 4.X. The application supports streaming avi, divx, and mkv files from MacOS 10.6.4+ Computer. Till now, there have only really been 2 ways of getting a Divx video to playback on your iPhone. 1. Converting to MP4 I’ve been converting videos for the iPhone for almost 3 years now, and it sucks, not only do you waste …

App Store
Price : $ 2.99