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Ok, I usually don’t get excited too much about Cydia tweaks, but this one has me pumped !

Yesterday I finally got to install BatteryDoctorPro, a free Cydia tweak for your iOS device, and after 24 hours, I’m stoked to report my feedback.

BatteryDoctorPro is much more then just a battery meter.

This is one hell of an App.

From shortcut toggles, to different battery profiles, to app usage tracking, this app has it all !

Let’s have a look.


Who want’s to experience the REAL YouTube…..???? If that’s you, then keep reading! What’s more, it’s compatible with your iPad! :-) Don’t worry guy’s it works with both iPad 1 + 2, also iPhone users you can get this, but it’s called “ProTube”.

Anyway, let’s talk about ProTube HD. With ProTube HD you can browse normally through YouTube, watch videos in High Quality or Standard Quality, manage your account, comment etc. You can also download an unlimited amount of YouTube videos and watch them offline.

If you are someone like mw who like’s to download the audio from Music videos, for example, just the mp3 audio, this can be downloaded too.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 1.49

Air Video This is a multimedia playback application available for the iPhone / iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 4.X. The application supports streaming avi, divx, and mkv files from MacOS 10.6.4+ Computer. Till now, there have only really been 2 ways of getting a Divx video to playback on your iPhone. 1. Converting to MP4 I’ve been converting videos for the iPhone for almost 3 years now, and it sucks, not only do you waste …

App Store
Price : $ 2.99