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I really like tweaks that make mylife easier. One of those is LockMemoPlus and this tweak pretty much reminds you things you don’t want to forget to do either on your lockscreen or on the springboard once you slide to unlock. Let’s take a closer look.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 0.99

It’s been a very informative weekend here at WWJC, the world wide Jailbreak Convention. One of the coolest new iOS jailbreak tweaks that was release was called Emblem.

What is Emblem ?

Emblem, is a new alternative iOS Notification System for the iPad, that was just released to the iOS jailbreak community.
Developers Josh Tucker and Kyle Howells created Emblem, to preserve and take advantage of your precious iPad screen real estate.

Cydia Store
Price : $ 1.99

Hi Guy’s, For all you iPad users, don’t you hate it sometimes when you really like an iPhone app, but it hasn’t been released in iPad format so you can ‘t get it?? I do, little things like “Calculator” (which I install via the “Belfry” tweak). Why do I have to make myself squint…..??? Well not anymore!!! RetinaPad is brought to us by iOS developer Ryan Petrich ; iDevice compatibility; iPad Firmware compatibility; 4.2.1 and …

Cydia Store
Price : $ 2.99

Using apps to take panoramic shots is pretty fun, but stitching together photos is a tedious process. You have to sit there and take a bunch of pictures, make sure they all turn out right, and then wait for them to render. Being the impatient person that I am, I decided to give 360 Panorama a whirl. 360 Panorama does things a bit different than the other panoramic photo apps on the market. Instead of …

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Price : $ 1.99