The Ultimate FREE Ringtone App for your iPhone

By : Jordan Lawrence posted on February 7, 2013
Price : $Free
Installer : Cydia Store


Are you looking for some decent ringtones or even some cool sounds for your Jailbroken iPhone?

We are going to tell you about probably the coolest Cydia app that gives you unlimited FREE ringtones, SMS tones, Message tones and more!

This App is called; Unlimtones

Unlimtones is an app made by Audiko, these guys have put together an unbelievable package of FREE Ringtones and Sounds  into a perfect working Application for your Jailbroken iPhone. When we say a unbelievable package, we mean it!!! with millions and millions of tones, you will be spoilt for choice!

Some of Unlimtones key features are;

  • Free download directly to your iPhone 
  • Assigning to contacts or action right inside the app (setting as a default ringtone, SMS alert, alarm sound, or a ringtone for a specific contact or group of contacts)
  • Convenient search bar
  • Categorization by genres, national charts etc
  • Making collections of ringtones for future use

Unlimtones is compatible with iOS4+and available for use on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Mini iPad.

So if your like me, and want a specific tone for receiving a email on your Mini iPad, you have this option available to you, or you want a tone for   receiving a tweet you will have millions to choose from!

So, you want to know how to get this amazing App working on your Jailbroken iDevice?

Here you go…..

  • Head over to Cydia, and search Unlimtones and hit ‘Install’



  • Once it’s installed, you can exit out of Cydia and head to your springboard and find your new App. Open it up, and should look like this….



  • As you can see, you have alot of cool features as we mentioned before. So when your ready, tap the ‘search bar‘ and find a song that you may like. You can even type things like ‘Funny‘ or ‘Scary‘ as these will also load any tones or songs with this in the title. So, we’ve choose  Party All Night, by Sean Kingston.


  • As you will notice, on the far left corner you have the album cover and a play button, you can hit the play button to listen to the song/tone before you choose to download it, because if you don’t like it, you can hit the ‘Back‘ button and search again.
  • We are happy with this version of the song, so we are now going to download the song straight to your ‘Sounds‘ in ‘General‘ , all you have to do is hit the ‘Add Ringtones‘ this will take less than a second to download into your ‘Sounds‘!
  • Head over to your ‘Sounds‘ in ‘General‘, and there you will see it sitting there :-) select it.



How easy was that!!!

You can add as many as you want, there are NO restrictions to how many you can download and have stored on your iDevice.

If for some reason you cannot find Unlimtones on Cydia, you can add the repo  manually and  install it that way.


This is an amazing App, really fun to have a play with and especially as its FREE, say goodbye to the boring default tones!!!

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