The Gmail App Gets a Revamp

By : Maya Martinez posted on January 12, 2013
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Google has tried for awhile to make a good enough app for iOS that can be in competition with the stock mail app for quite awhile now. Their first few attempts have been garbage in comparison to the new app that they have produced. I am not saying that the new app is at all great and perfected, but it is moving in the right direction. Updated with a new white icon the app finally brings to the table a worthy app that can stand out amongst your others.

The new Gmail app now boasts multiple users. The only thing with that is that it can have up to 5 accounts only and to remove one account you have to remove all of them. There is no way to get around it and I have tried.

View of Gmail accounts


You can tell Google has used its new acquisition, Sparrow, to help make this app. The user interface is quite nice and their color scheme is what makes it stand out. The design seems to be built like that of the Metro style that Windows Phone uses. The app still tries to be the Gmail app that is on the web, but added app like transitions that make it seem like it does belong on iOS, though it does not impress enough to make all of the other shortcomings sufficient. The message view is off putting and slow. Due to the fact that it is put into the card mode and each email has to be loaded from the internet each time you want t view it. Pictures are automatically set to not load when you are viewing them in your email, but you can individually set pictures to load from every email recipient that you want to always view pictures from.

Just like all of the new Google apps coming out the Gmail app has the left side swipe to the right menu bar that you have access to all of your folders and access to the settings menu.

Description of Gmail side menu


While in the app you can do everything that you can do in the regular browser version such as create, delete, move, forward, star, reply etc. The app is great for managing your Gmail account and if you don’t mind having to load each message that you view, then you can feel that you get the most of the app, since it works like it is supposed to with the notification system.

Overall it is the greatest Gmail app to date released by Google for iOS, but it is not yet refined. Google still has a ways to go to get to the perfect product, but seeing that they are moving in the right direction it might not be far off.

What do you guys personally think about the Gmail app?

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